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How reliable is the Mapmyrun app?

I have been using this app for a couple of weeks now and so far so good. However, I simply cannot believe the time it gave me for my 5k run today, no matter how much I would like to!

Since graduating last week I have been running a pretty consistent 4k in 30min. I decided today to try for a full 5k (which I'm sure I covered because I mapped the route out beforehand) and I was expecting it to take me around 37-38min to run. Anyway, I set my app as usual but this time - I set it to give audio feedback each kilometer rather than every 5 minutes as I've done previously. All the way through the run I was surprised by how well I was doing for time at each K marker and if Mapmyrun is to believed, then I completed the run in a staggering 24.40!!!! I really want this to be true but I simply can't believe I ran that fast!

What makes me suspect it was a glitch is that I know my phone reception isn't great in the country park where I ran - so I was wondering, could this have affected the app? Having said that - the distance it was clocking throughout was spot on, compaired to what I had previously mapped on the laptop at home - so surely, if it was tracking my distance correctly it would have timed it right too?!?

Anyone else experienced confusion with Mapmyrun? I'm quite prepared to accept it was probably wrong. Just wish I had been able to establish a reliable baseline 5k time to work from today! x

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I can't tell you anything definite but I've noticed a couple of funny readings on my Garmin over the past two-three weeks. A quickest pace of 3.54 minute miles for example ! I think I read somewhere that the funny weather recently has been playing havoc with the satellite signals - but how true that is, I really don't know.


on the whole ive found mapmyrun reliable, but now and again it does seem to throw a wobbly, One thing you can do is turn off the wifi on your phone as this can affect the app. If it gives a similar recording next time you are probably running that pace, in which case well done.


I've experienced a similar thing with mapmyrun, when I look at the route it has mapped after it seems to zigzag around a lot, meaning it thinks I have run further than I actually have. I tend to measure the distance out online first so I know how far I'm going to run and then just use a stopwatch to time myself. Alternatively I've tried runkeeper which seems a bit more reliable and have also heard good things about endomondo - both of which do similar things....hope this helps!


I switched to runtastic awhile back and have been pleased. I think the app does a good job and you can download it for free or get upgrades for features you want. I also like the split tables after a session.


Thanks for your replies. I think it must have been pausing the time each time it lost GPS, then updating the distance once it locked back on but carried on timing where it left off!

I've now changed to Runkeeper - I know it might also have blips and I'm prepared for that now, but I decided it would suite me better anyway because it has more features (i.e - taylor made interval runs and more detailed split results). Anyway, my baseline 5K time came out at 36.32 using Runkeeper - sounds much more realistic for me :-) !


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