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Week 2 run 3 - tick in the box

Well I managed the final run of week 2 yesterday. Feeling pretty good about it.

At the end I was still the same gasping, sweaty, pink blob but at least I managed to finish the week!

Some very positive benefits already. Aside from probably being able to run for a train now I've seen my heart rate after the last run drop to somewhat less alarming levels and I've also lost 1.2 kg since I started.

Roll on week 3 (he says sounding brave but a bit wary!).

(edited as I had the wrong week number - getting ahead of myself)

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Sorry I mean week 2 run 3 - oops!


Well done! Great to see you're seeing/feeling benefits already :-)


Well done John! Keep it up and you will keep feeling the benefits.


Keep some sort of diary John so you can look back on it and see how far you've come.

Well done, you're doing really well. Keep up the momentum and you'll sail through next week. Don't forget warm ups and cool downs and only run every other day at this stage as you don't want any injury to hold you up

Happy running!


Well done! See you in week 3, I'm a day ahead of you on runs at the mo - if I keep up the momentum!! It's going to be a cold one tomorrow morning for my first run of week 3.


WELL DONE! I have just done week 2 run 2...have a real sense of achievement!! We can do this!!!


Well done on completing W2. You will manage W3 if you take it slow and steady. Pleased to hear you are already seeing some benefits. You've come a long way since your first post here - keep up the good work. Best wishes.


Thanks everyone. I must say that the support here is fantastic. I guess most of us are doing this alone and to know that there are so many like minded people just a few clicks away is a great help.

Gingerbreadman - Hope W3R1 went well for you. I'll be behind you later today.


Good to hear it's going well for you. Best Wishes :)


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