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Week 3 runs 1(tick), run 2 (tick)


I have no idea how I got this far, I am simply amazed.

Mondays run was okay, I enjoyed the walks, the first 90 seconds run were not to bad but O that first 3 min was not nice, the 2nd 90 second run was great the 2nd 3 min run was great because I new when I finished that I was walking lol. yes out of breath but with a sense of achievement and amazement that I had jogged for 3 min at a time.

Todays session much the same as Mondays and I am quietly confident about my 3rd session on Friday as long as I go slow and I don't be stupid. week 4 is looming and I just don't know about that. O well 1 week at a time.

Glen :) :) :) :)

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When Week 4 arrives, give it a go, and if it's still out of reach, just do Week 3 again. It sounds like going backwards, but you'll get that extra week back (assuming you need it, which so far it doesn't look like you will) in later weeks, when the extra time you give yourself to build up the tissues you need pays off.

The main thing to note is you're doing well, and going forward, you can't lose. Either you press on through Week 4 without any problem, and build yourself up in the rest days, or you get some exercise and necessary tissue construction in a rerun of Week 3. (You get the exercise you need and are starting to enjoy, either way).

It's a fantastic feeling, isn't it?

Glen53Graduate in reply to gary_bart

Thank you I am taking your advice on board. :)


Well done!! It's such a great sense of achievement. I just completed run 1 of week 7- running for 25mins!!- and I *never* thought I'd get to this stage, being a complete novice runner. But the plan really works! Good luck for your next run :-)

Glen53Graduate in reply to laurav33

yes it most certainly is. Congratulations on your first run of week 7 :)


Run 3 completed last Friday, yippy :)

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