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Week 2. Tick!


I did it! Completed week 2 and even enjoyed it. I've ended week 2 on such a high that I'm not even worried about what week 3 holds (I know that may change on Sunday night tho!!)

Wk 1 I ran along a quiet lane. First 2 runs of week 2 I ran along the golf course early in the morning but today I even managed to run along the road... With people... Real actual people seeing me!!

I've read lots of posts about not worrying about what people think as confidence increases and how true it is! I was too busy concentrating on my breathing etc to be concerned about what people might think. I even had my running tights on!! I've reached the place where it's about what's most comfortable or best for me to worry about the onlooker.

Thank you everybody for your support and encouragement over the past couple of weeks. It helps knowing others are in the same position and or have gone through it before and survived!

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Well done! I remember W2 way back in the day... February I think! No I remember W2 as being one of my Favourite weeks. It the one where you realise 'I'm really doing it!' The next big thing after this for me was W6. Enjoy W3. Your doing AMAZING!!!



Good going! You're getting there and I don't know about you, but I feel kind of euphoric after each run :-)


Well do e on completing w2, I'll be there on Monday :)


See, getting better already ! You'll be a fully fledged runner before you know it.


Well done on finishing week 2 - it's a week that I also enjoyed. Week 3 is fine and you are right to say you are taking it as it comes. Lots of us are now getting outside in our running gear where we can be seen (not that I ever cared anyway) and are posting about it (with pictures). I suppose we have all decided we don't want to hide our lights under a bushel - wobbly bits and all. Good luck with week 3 and best wishes.

Thanks everyone for the kind words and encouragement xxx

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