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Third time lucky for W7 R2


Hey fab people!

I got there finally this morning after another non starter on Thursday - although on Thursday I made it to the half way point.

It felt good this morning and I managed to up the speed a tiny tiny bit on the treadmill for the last 45 secs.

I think the kerfuffle in the week was partly work stress, partly boredom of the treadmill and partly fed up ness of, not Laura, but the time notifications. So often by the time she says 5 mins I am thinking OMG is that all :)

So this morning I plugged in to my own music and set myself the goal of not looking at the time until at least track 5 and surprisingly it worked for today.

Fingers crossed the blip has passed.

Massive WOOP WOOP to my mate Caledonia she is flying through Week 8 ;)

Thank you to you all for the encouragement - it really does help x x

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Yay well done. I hit a brick wall in week 7 and had to do it twice, but I got there in the end. sounds like you have it sorted now.

Good luck with your next run. :-)


Well done persevering and changing tactics to get over the glitch. :-)


Yes, congratulations on not giving up! I can't imagine how anyone does this on a treadmill - yukky yuk - well done you!



Great news, well done on the overcoming-hassles-tactics! Have absolutely no doubt you will now head steadily to the end! Lots of luck with the last few runs :) Take care, Linda x


Well done - you are over that blip now and you are well on your way to graduation :)


Yes, you did it!! Knew you would. Week 7 is tough. I've never run on a treadmill, but I can only imagine how boring it must be. You did the right thing by changing tactics though. What about the running outside plan you had earlier?

Not sure about the 'flying' through week 8, but I'm plodding there! Run 3 tomorrow. The wind is coming from the West these days, so I'm doing the route that runs into it first, then back with it behind me.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with week 8. Not long now for the two of us, and the others at the same stage. Keep running and positive. x

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