Argh - Mozzies!

So I'm always the person with most bites - I've been known to accumulate more than 60 mosquito bites in one night - when my companions have 5 or 6 each!

My last three runs have resulted in insect bites on my neck, hands, shoulders and fingers - lots of which have gone swollen and horrid! (sometimes they get huge - I've even been turned away from giving blood for fear of infection!)

As it gets warmer its going to get worse and its already putting me off going out there a bit. Does anyone else have this problem and have any solutions/suggestions, other than drenching myself in DEET or wrapping myself up like a mummy!


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  • Try eating marmite. It seems to work for me against the Scottish midge. I take it you are not in the UK? There is a product here not designed as an insect repellent that also works. Made by Avon & called 'Skin so soft'

  • Ha I wish! I'm in London... I think every biting insect that's woken up so far has made a beeline (literally) for me.

    I will try and stomach some marmite and look at the Avon moisturiser - is it available in boots/superdrug?

  • Hi, more likely to be in camping/outdoor shops like Blacks & Tisos but also online. It's the original with Jojoba & Citrinella you need. Good luck.

  • Are you running near water or wetlands ? If so then head for drier pastures. I was also told years ago that they don't bother you if you drink alcohol but I don't think that's a good reason to hit the G & T's! Good luck with finding a remedy.

  • I am in the Outer Hebrides which is mostly bog! No escape but the Scottish Midge is infamous. Alcohol doesn't stop them. Marmite seems to help. Cheers

  • Do you eat the marmite or apply it externally?

  • Oh that is so funny. I'm having such a miserable morning with asthma but your post has had me laughing out loud. Thank you :)

  • I take it you aren't living in Britain?!!! I've always had that trouble, they always bite me...!! Could you wear something light that totally covers you and deet etc on face and neck??

  • I'm definitely in Britain! Here in London where the wild creatures are (or something!) I suppose they might not be Mosquitoes, but they are nasty biting bastards whatever they are!

    I've ruled out bedbugs and that sort of thing - it only really happens after running or walking.

    At least I'm not the only one! Some sort of light layer may need to be the way forward, although with sunnier days coming I was aiming to wear less clothes not more!

  • On holiday in Istanbul I saw fair few women running in Islamic-style running gear - made of lightweight technical fabric, but with long sleeves, high neck, inbuilt hood, and loose top. Would probably provide good mozzie protection... I bet you could track something like this down in London if the skinsosoft doesn't work. Mozzies are seriously horrid if you're sensitive to the bites. (Mine swell up horribly too, I've been told I've probably developed an allergy to their venom.)

  • I got this for running (I'm not a Muslim, I just don't like most of the stuff sold for women here in the UK). I do get a lot of insects where I live, and while I haven't had any problems so far, I'm sure it will help. I've bought from;

    I was actually idly thinking about getting one of their hijabs for running during the summer when the insects come alive. Looking odd? So long as it keeps the insects away I don't really care :-)

    Aslo do see;

    Alternatively, my OH bought me some lovely long sleeved tops and leggings as a motivation present from:

    I've also got a pair of Nike running gloves for my hands which are really comfortable.

  • I have the same problem - insects love me, and when I get bitten or stung I swell up. Last year it was the biting flies on the coast paths - horrible things, and when I went on holiday I ended up in a real state with the mozzies. My mum gets a regular Avon order so I will ask her about the Skin so Soft, so thanks to windswept for that. I hope you find something that helps.

  • Some of us do just have tasty blood I think :( There have been two recommendations for the Avon cream now so its on my shopping list too!

  • Hignimia

    you should try avon moistureiser. Apparently, and there are a lot of myths about it, it was not actually developed as a mozzie repellent but it does work. I live in Australia and my partner swears by it. You can only buy it on line unfortunately.Its called skin so soft

    check it out on line

  • Thanks Simon - hopefully it works - two recommendations (and some desperation) is good enough for me to get the purse out!

  • Eat the Marmite :-))

  • Hi - try the Boots aftersun lotion with insect repellant - it works for me - I live in Aus and bring loads back from the UK everytime I visit. It's a lovely light lotion and not greasy and horrible like anything containing DEET.

  • This is a hint I got from a friend who works in forestry, it keeps horseflies at bay - and they are the least impressed by all other repellents. Irish midges (not as bad a Scottish ones but nearly :) didn't like it neither...

    make a mix of 2/3 sweet almond oil and 1/3 cedarwood essential oil - if you can bear the strong scent it's the best thing I found (the other option would be to run with me... I am a catalist for bites!)

  • PS : better try the almond oil/cedarwood on your wrist or inside of elbow before, just to avoid allergic reactions)

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