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Loveliest run in ages today!

First of all its nice and cool this morning, hurrah! Not that I want the summer over but running in the heat has almost killed me. Today felt cooler than it has in ages.

Also since graduating I've been doing the Stepping Stones podcast and I'm not going to lie, I've struggled. Not so much with motivation, but I don't really like the music [sorry Audiofuel] and I've only done about 28 minutes - I am finding that I have to take small steps to match the beat as I'm only little and I still dont seem to be going much further much faster. I've done it about 4 times now and havent really enjoyed it to be honest.

So today I left Laura behind. I know, never done that before! Ran one of my regular routes so I knew when I'd done half way etc. Really really enjoyed it, and would says its been my best run since graduating. Theres nothing like a 6am run to some cheesey disco classics [Yes I mean you Nolans and Scissor Sisters] to give me all the va va voom a girl needs for the day!!

And then I find out the new Tshirts are ready so am going to treat myself to a nice pink one!

So all in all - result!

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Everybody will find their own rhythm. I too find the music in Stepping Stones somewhat dull and soulless and sometimes generally difficult to identify the beat. However try the other two 5+ podcasts they have much much better running music. Suggest you try one of these if you have not already.


Ahh thank you I will. Haven't given up on Laura, I think i just needed to ring the changes. Will download the other podcasts later!


Yay! For cheesy disco music and happy running!


Yay! wanted to stop halfway and have a boogie!!


I tried audiofuel after I graduated and didn't like it at all. I went with my own in the end and now run with none at all.

Those "good" runs are brilliant aren't they? If only you could bottle it.


Oh yes, if only we could bottle that and the feeling afterwards!


Yes, I had a lovely run tonight too. Nothing outstanding but it was fun and satisfying.


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