argh....faceplanted the pavement on wk9 r3

I was doin wk9 r3 on sunday morning and was on my way back and fell over a wonky pavement I went one way ankle went another managed to hobble home thru tears, ankle now up like a pudding and horrifically bruised not broken tho just badly sprained, the other knee has no skin left on in either, am furious with myself for bein so bloody clumsy its gonna set me back weeks and hav just got back into it after havin 4 months off cos of pain in my knees, I think my body is tryin to tell me to pack this running nonsense in.......but in the words of the terminator..i'll be back ....I will not giv in no matter wot, I've come too far to just stop and I really enjoy it, i'm hopin to be fit enough to do my 1st parkrun in june so fingers crossed :)


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  • Oh no - what a shame! :( Make sure you rest that ankle properly, and ease back into the running when it's strong enough again... Take your time though; better to take longer and get properly healed than risk further injury doing too much too soon.

  • i know its just so frustrating have run the same route for weeks and without mishap

  • Oh no. Poor you :( Make sure you rest up and once you're feeling fit again, I bet you'll be itching to get back out there.

  • thank u, as well as my ankle itchin and my scabby knee itchin i am itchin to get back out there lol

  • wk9 r3... at least claim your graduate badge! OK, so you had a little mishap, but you were true to the C25K programme and Laura, got off the couch and did 30 mins running (I presume you managed wk9 runs 1 + 2). Go on, treat yourself. Sounds like you need cheering up. Then your post-grad challenge is to get back to your previous level of fitness and enjoy the 5K you've got planned.

    Take care. :D

  • yeh did runs 1 and 2 hadn't even thought about the badge was just sic as a chip cos I knew I wasn't goin to be runnin for a while :)

  • I second that, claim your badge, you've earned it! I hope you manage to mend soon!

  • thank you :)

  • Oh boy that is such bad luck tom. Take the time to recover properly and ease back into it slowly. But for now drop Admin a message to get that well earned Graduate badge, you have earned it. Hope your ankle and knee are better very soon, take care.

  • It's harder to do with an MP3 player but you might consider switching to swimming for a while...

    Will be a good way of maintaining your improved fitness without hurting the ankle.

    Just a thought.



  • thanks graham but unfortunately I cant swim, :)

  • Ouch..... I got to wk9, run2, before having to stop because of injury, but you have at leaset made it, so claim your green badge - you have earnt it!.

    A friend of mine sprained their ankle badly a few weeks ago. She kept it elevated as much as possible and especially for the first 48 hours. Was told that total rest at this point will help it heal quicker.

    I have just restarted, (after having a few 'trial runs') and was surprised to be able to rejoin at week 5. So hopefully, after time for the ankle to heal and rest, you ought to be able to return slowly and get back to where you are without too much hassle. Good luck with Park Run in June, I do hope yo wll make it there fully fit again. I am still waiting to do one!


  • thank you really appreciate the support, good luck with your running :)

  • Well done for completing the programme, and commiserations on the injury. But you might want to think about contacting your local Council because if the pavement has done that to you it's more than wonky; it's dangerous and needs repairing. If you were a little old lady (I'm guessing you're not!) you might have been looking at a broken hip. Mention the Compensation word and watch them move. In fact, just mention the Compensation word and send them some pics of a) the pavement and b) your injuries.

  • a few of my friends have mentioned the compensation as well. i might hopple back round and take slome pics and hopefully not come across the guy who saw me sprawled out on the pavement and drove just drove off or i mite be tempted to push him over as well lol

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