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Argh, week 4 looks horrific!

I'm starting week 4 this weekend, and it looks like such a big step up from week 3! It goes from a total 9 minutes running in week 3, to 16 minutes in week 4. And then on top of that, the recovery walks are also much shorter in comparison with the runs than before - instead of recovering for the same length of time as the run, it's now only half that. The session is also longer overall.

How did other people find week 4? I think I'm going to be really struggling by the second half of the session, and that final five minutes must be a killer.

On the plus side, I weighed myself this morning. During week 1 I lost 2½ lbs. Week 2 I only lost ¾ lb. This week, week 3 (which is actually only since Monday as I've just changed from Monday morning weigh-ins to Friday morning weigh-ins, so there's time to even out from the weekends' excesses) I have lost 1¾ lbs. Total of 5 lbs in 3 weeks. I have plenty more to lose, so fingers crossed I can keep this up over the next few weeks.

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It's not that bad - honest! Just don't run too fast. If you do then it will be hard.


I'll be running it along with you, Svenena. Well, a day or two behind, as I start week 4 Monday.

Just keep telling yourself that you can do it. You got through week 3, you can do week 4.


I'm another one who will be starting week 4 on Monday, I did a sneak preview & I'm also feeling apprehensive about the 5 minute runs. The final 3 minute run of week 3 I found hard today, my calf muscles felt very tired, so upping the game is going to be a challenge.

All my best vibes to svenena & muirdragonne - can we do it? Yes we can :)


I'm starting week 4 on Sunday, also apprehensive but it must be possible?? At the end of week 2 I was struggling with 90 seconds but managed to run the 3 minutes so fingers crossed! Not sure I can get any redder in the face so as long as I can keep breathing hopefully will make it.


It's amazing what you can do if you just follow the programme. I found it hard to believe that I would be able to do the week 4 runs but, amazingly, the preparation you've done in the first 3 weeks IS enough to get you through week 4. Trust the programme. It really does work. I think they've cheated and used magic but, however they did it, it works. Promise!


You are doing so well! Each week feels like a big step up, W4 is just the next. I just did run 4.3 yesterday! I thought exactly the same thing but actually its not too bad. Pacing is really important, don't go out too fast. It feels really great to prove yourself wrong, I definitely had the "you'll never do it" voices this week but I did :-D you can do it too, trust Laura

good luck



Hi Svenena! I just finished Week 4, run 3 this morning and I was having the same kind of doubts on Sunday, before doing the first run of the week (I run Mon-Wed-Fri at 8 am), 5 minutes running seemed like an eternity to me. What I want to say is that it might seem daunting before you go out, but once you're actually out there doing it, especially with Laura encouraging you, you will see that you CAN do it! And it feels great afterwards! If I can do it (this is the first time ever in my life that I try running), so can you! :) As others have said, just take it slow. I am now excited about starting week 5 on Monday!


Thanks mango81. I'm sure it'll feel great when I do, but I'm still not convinced I actually CAN do it! Still, I suppose I can keep trying until I've managed it (3 times). I'm sure I'll manage eventually!

Looks like I'll have company during week 4 - good luck to MuirDraggone, notbad and ellerunner. I'm still feeling really apprehensive about it - I was planning on going out for the first session tomorrow (I have a Sunday lunch planned for Sunday, which could get in the way of running then), but my knee has been giving me some gyp today, so we'll see.


I have done W4R2 so far, my legs are bit tired which was not the case until w3 but it's definitely managable so don't worry.


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