First park run tomorrow

So, my Saturday sessions of Zumba are no more (instructor has quit) so I find myself available to do some park runs.

I am really excited. Can definitely run for 25 mins (and cover 3.6-8km) although next run is 28 minutes (w8r1), I estimate that I'll need 33-35 minutes to do 5km.

So do I try and run as long as I can, or just cover the 28 minutes????

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  • Why don't you do the 28 mins then your fast cool down walk, then walk the rest

  • I agree with Helcl. You have done well on the plan. why not stick with it.


  • Okay, thanks, that is what I shall do. Time to get up and make my way there - it's a good warm up walk away :)

  • Good luck with your Park Run. I agree with Helcl - run what you can and walk the rest. Enjoy. Best wishes.

  • I did it :) - and I ran the whole 5km. I lost Laura again but mapmyrun told me I had done 4km in 26m20s and I thought 100s left - okay I'll just carry on till I can't and I was coming to the final slight incline ... A lady overtook me slowly but I just did my best and then there was a slight decline right at the end and I did a sprint, just beating by mm's that lady who sprinted too. I was so chuffed I forgot to switch off my app for probably a minute, but the time from the app was 34m22s but hopefully the official time will be better. I am so on cloud 9. Can't wait to do it next week again but will do my official 2nd & 3rd 28m runs during the coming week :)

  • Congratulations! You must be feeling so good now, but make sure you take the rest day tomorrow, as you pushed that bit harder, but brilliant going!

  • Thanks, going to have 2 rest days actually

  • 32:54 was my official time :) :)

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