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First park run tomorrow!

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Hi all, I just did my third ever run this morning, 1.5km which I'm happy with, but tomorrow is the first 3km park run! I've only done three runs so far, all 1.5km which feels like my limit at the moment.

Any advice from others starting out? Is it better to do intervals of walk/run, or try to see how far I can go before my lungs give out! I'd like to see how far I can push myself, but I don't want to risk injury, or putting myself off. That said, I'm loving it so far!

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It's all about pace. Slower yourself so you can go a little bit further. If it's too much, briskly walk until you have enough energy to have another stretch of running/jogging. My first 5K took ages but I've slowly improved with each run.

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When I did my first Parkruns I ran as far as I could and then did intervals of running and fast walking. It really pushed me as I had a couple of people who were my pacemakers (no idea who they were) and I had to keep them close and that helped me keep up a good pace. Good luck with it. Unfortunately I cant make the Parkrun for the next couple of weeks but will definitely do another one. Let us know how you got on xx

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Saturday morning Parkrun is 5km in length not 3, don't try and attempt 5k just yet!

Well done for starting to get into it, but as a newbie one of the best ways to start running is the run/walk Health Unlocked c25k podcasts which will advance you slowly & safely into the world of running.

If you insist on pushing yourself until your lungs and muscles give out then you will end up on the injury couch!

So, slow and steady is the way forward, no other gung-ho way!😊

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Thanks! Bit of an error there with the distance, that extra 2km will make a hell of a difference. I think I'll take your advice and aim for steady improvement, not injury.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve overdone it already! Did another 2km this evening and shin splints have struck. Taking it easy tomorrow

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