First Park Run!

I completed C25K a few weeks ago and on Wednesday I ran past 30 minutes for the first time and managed 2.98 miles in 36:28 so I decided to try a park run on Saturday (today) instead of a Friday run, and I'm thrilled to say I finished the 5K at 37:05! 

May not have considered park run if not for the posts here about them and the fact I discovered they started one up here in several months ago. I think I'm ready to sign back up with my favourite running club here now.

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  • That's brilliant!  Really good time too. 🏃

  • Thank you!  Yes I'm very happy with it, in 2013 I think my best was 48 minutes so that's quite something and it had a steep hill too.

  • Well done , a hill and a great time ☺

  • Thank you Rob :)

  • Great acheivement there mystical maid, done in an excellent time too!😊😆

  • Well done :)

  • Well done. I keep thinking about going to Park run, but unfortunately they are on Saturday morning and I love my Saturday lie in. Maybe one day... :)

  • Thanks Aliboo, Oldfloss and Gnet :)  Hehe yes I like a lazy Saturday usually too, but I switched from an extra early Friday instead so I don't mind so much.

  • Fantastic !

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