Got the next HM in Falmouth on Sunday and I'm so so nervous....

JuicyJu list of reasons:

First week of a new job...information overload and mushy brain, I so want to succeed...

only one run since sunday ( due to above)...a speed session this morning with lovely Laura...good and it did set me up for the day.

My 12 year old boy is driving me nuts...winding up his sister, annoying me, being antagonistic...nightmare!!!! He has gone all hair and perfume.

I always get like this, all nervous...I think about the route, hills, energy levels and how I will ensure I get through...mental training, but so f****** hard.

Not feeling much of a panther this week...more of a worn out pussy.

You guys are so amazing, this community has always got me through and I want to say a huge thank you because you are all brilliant....




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31 Replies

  • It sounds as though you have a lot on your plate at the moment so feeling nervous about your HM on Sunday is probably a result of being under pressure generally. Try to get some quality time to yourself over the next couple of days and then go out and enjoy yourself on Sunday. I'm sure you will be fine. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Thank you so much... Yes I do!! Staying with my sister tomorrow night so I'm hoping I will... Thank you x

  • Good luck for Sunday, we are all thinking of you and know you will let us know how it goes. Hope the weather holds for it!!

  • Awwww thank you... That means alot x

  • Well panthers get worn out too. That's when they resort to cleaning themselves and sitting on rocks pondering.

    Give yourself some me time if you can.

    Good luck for half marathon. You will be great.

  • Mmmmmmn now that is such a beautiful pic... The me time will be the HM... Busy life... But I dream of cleaning myself on a rock...

  • All the best for Sunday Juicyju, i'm sure you will be fine from what i've seen of you so far on the forum you are a positive person with a real zest for this running lark!! :) .... sounds like a bit of a full on week with the new job and the kids to contend with. We all have faith in you here, give it your best shot and keep on panthering.........................

  • Thank you so so much... I'm a bit exhausted but you all keep me going x

  • JuicyJu just keep up that positive attitude, knock that demon monkey out of sight and hearing and give it all your best which is what you always do. You've done this distance before, you will do it again and hopefully the weather will be kind to you for a new PB. Look out Falmouth Panther Girl is on the way ;)

  • You are just the best... Thank you Oldgirl... X

  • Right Lady - enough of this piffle.

    YOU are a half marathon runner - you already know you can do it physically, so it's time to tell your head that you are not listening. (just revert to child type - fingers in ears - la la la I'm not listening)!!

    I thought the whole thing about being a panther was that when you feel low in energy, you dig even deeper, find some more and push on - just make sure you are fuelled up

    Okay new job might not help, but it will still be a slightly less new job next week - and you WILL have another HM Medal to wear along with all your others.

  • Thank you... I'm digging deep.. And a bit further and harder...I can't wait for the medal so I can do what I always do to remember it all...thanks for the support ..

  • OK JuicyJu

    What "strategy" will you be using to finish the race - and what pace will you be running it ? Will you be running non-stop? What is it that you are nervous about -- not finishing??

  • deep breaths julia you have done 1 already being nervous is normal i was crapping myself before mine but once i got there i was fine just run your race and enjoy as for the boy take him for a run or post very bad pics on his fb you chill out now

  • You'll be fine JJ. Nothing is ever as bad as we think it's going to be. That's what I always tell myself anyway.

    Not that I've ever run anything like a half marathon! Go cat go!!!!

  • Isn't being nervous part of a normal build up?

    You've done the miles, believe in yourself.



  • Jucyju.... Relax. You have nothing to be nervous about. You can do it. Do something tonight or tomorrow that you find relaxing and try to stay in that frame of mind. I know it's easier said than done. You also need to know that we believe in you and give your Panther bottom a good kick! Purr your way throught the rest of the week and your HM

    S X

  • Hi Juicyju

    My hobby is digital art, still very much a beginner but I did this for you

    The voice needs some work.

    you will be fine

  • Thats great, made me giggle! good one realfoodieclub! That panther talks sense!

  • Oh wow... Thank you so much that's amazing!!!! I totally love it xxx

  • Glad you liked it

  • That's fab rfc!

  • That's great Realfoodieclub.

  • Good luck Juicy, we are all behind you! Knock 'em dead on Sunday!

  • Congratulations on your new job. Don't let your son wind you up (wait until he hits his teens and he'll just grunt now and again - usually 'momwhatsfordinner' and. 'Momcanihavesomoney'). Bet you will get into your rhythm in Falmouth on Sunday and complete your 2nd HM thus month. Run JuicyJu run !

    Look forward to reading how you get on - your posts are always a real pleasure to read.

  • It does sound like you've got rather a lot going on, but maybe treat the HM as a means of releasing some of that. We all know our running is great stress relief, time to clear your head, etc, even when it's as intense as a HM! That, and know that you've done it before, and none of us here have any doubt that you'll do it again.Go knock 'em dead, panther! x

  • You've had a busy week, I am not surprised you don't feel focussed on this.

    Look at it this way, you can do this, you can so do this. What you need is some 'Juicy-time', and a HM sounds like just what you need to forget about everything else for a while. Time to be you!!!

    Good luck, and go for it. Will be thinking of you.

  • Hi Juicy Ju. By now you will have got the message: YOU CAN DO THIS! and look on the run as some badly needed ME time. Forget work, forget the kids, focus on YOU!

    HAVE A GOOD RUN and let us know how it went. All the best - You're going to do just fine!

  • "Gimme a "J".......GIMME a "U"......gimme an "i".......

    Ok. I'm not gonna keep going - you get the picture. I was imagining about 6 Danzargo's, all dressed in lycra cat suits chanting your name along the route. Now there's an image for you! hahah!

    I know you've had a busy first week new job thing going on, but honestly, you will be fine on Sunday. All of us on here will be thinking of you Sunday and all of us will be waiting for your reporting back! You'll do it, cos YOU IS DA PANFER WOMAN INNIT?

    Have you tried locking the kids under the stairs? Just a thought....

    You'll always be a panther to me Juju! Never a worn out pussy. (sorry.....I mean, come on? That was an open goal for someone like me!) GOOD LUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!

  • Good luck!! Can't wait to hear how it went...

  • Good luck for tomorrow and what a beautiful place to run. (used to live near there-Navy days). I am sure you will love it once you start and find it therapeutic after the week you have had! I too have a 12 year old son and is far more demanding than his older sister. Can be quite exhausting. Hopefully you have the time now to think about you and who knows? The brain mush will clear and work will fall into place too. Everybody's rooting for you ' Go, Panther Go'!!

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