Wk5 nerves jangling!

So I managed Wk4R1 today but was a teeny bit apprehensive about running 5 mins non stop and had to resort to Imodium beforehand. A bit desperate, I know. But now I can't get my head around the fact that it's 20mins at the end of next week - it seems a gargantuan leap, and I'm not sure Imodium will suffice! Does anyone else suffer pre-run nerves like this? Today's run was actually ok - not exactly a breeze, but do-able once I remembered to slow right down and pace myself (I'm sure it was nervous tension causing the breathlessness). I know if I could just relax and enjoy it, things would probably feel easier... But TWENTY mins.... NEXT WEEK?!!! Seriously?! Otherwise loving this programme - as other people have commented, it's very clever and inspirational, working on the psychology as much as the fitness to get you through ... at least that's what I'm hoping will happen next week!


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  • OMG!!!! You sound just like me ....i get nervous even now and I'm a graduate and has moved on and training for 10k...I'm on w10r2....i totally understand what you are going thru....However pacing yourself is the key even when u feel like you wanna give up...pacing always work. ...congrats to you for getting off the couch!...good job and one day our nervous stomach will go away.. (*_*) and 20 minutes...you got this!

  • I'm so glad it's not just me! Fantastic you're working towards 10k - it gives me hope!!

  • It does seems daunting, but trust in the programme! I was worried about the 20 minutes, especially as runs 1 and 2 of Week 5 were challenging, but it worked! Week 6 seemed impossible, with 25 minutes at the end, but it was ok! I too get nervous before a run, even on the treadmill at home!

  • You can do it! The breathing does start to sort itself out, I remember that my breathing was awful when I started but as those have already said, pace your self... You don't have to run like a rocket just yet, i have a mantra when it gets tough, from Saving Nemo "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"

  • Oooh, I'll have to remember this - use "just keep swimming" myself when things are a bit tough, but I haven't used it for running, yet! Thanks for reminding me!!

  • Brilliant! I can actually picture myself running to this - will do it mentally though so I don't add to my slightly unhinged look even though I am running by the sea!!!

  • Really it will be fine ! Everyone gets worried by w5r3 and is then surprised to manage it. Due to illness I've been "stuck" on week 7 for what feels like ages, and now use w5r3 for days when I feel too wobbly to tackle one of the runs from later in the programme...

  • I have to say I was quite apprehensive about W4 too - I started yesterday - and surprised myself how doable it was. W3 taught me to slow down to a manageable pace to get from 90s to 3min, and that seems to have set me up OK for 5min - even on the last run yesterday my legs and breathing were Ok, it was just telling myself to keep running.. They always say the toughest part is the battle in our heads, and I think we need to take courage from the knowledge that loads of people as least as unfit as us have got to graduation. That can overcome all that negative self-talk.

  • Week 5 run 3 : It was kind of a shock to me when Laura in between the podcast announces to continue the run for 20 minutes , nevertheless i carried on my light jog and was not out of my breathe , I would repeat wk 5 R3 one more time to be build my confidence for Wk 6

  • Don't look ahead and don't worry about what is to come. This is not something to stress about because you are in control. Trust the programme - it really works. If you can't make a full run then push on as much as you can and you will be surprised how far you can go. Keep telling yourself "I won't stop". This is about you and nobody else so you don't have to get nervous. Just go out and run, look around and be curious about your environment and forget everything else. Listen to the music and instructions and just do it. Run in the moment not next week's run.

  • This is all so familiar...;-) I made myself nervous about that 20 minute run for days beforehand and it was completely a waste of energy even thinking about it. You just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other, take the most incredibly tiny steps, and break it up in your head into 4 x 5 minute runs, not a whole 20 minutes. You will be fine. No-one could have been less a runner (especially in my head!) than me, but I graduated a few months ago and still run 3 x a week, for usually about 5 or 6 k each time. I wouldn't say I ever really "enjoy" the running, especially for the first 3 k or so, but after that I do settle into a kind of weird state where I sometimes don't even feel my legs, and feel as though i could go on running for ages - usually just stop because I have other things to get on with at home, not because I'm exhausted. When I say "running" I'm really meaning a light jog, btw, not anything that would win medals. Just keep plodding on, and report back to us afterwards how you get on. We've all been there ;-)

  • This is perfectly normal as you mentally tend to focus on 20 minutes. Try not to think of the time and just relax and take it slow. I have bricked it several times and I'm now on Week 8, run 2.

    The programme helps you to progress in stages. You'll get there and enjoy it.

  • Yes, I used to get very worked up before my runs and that W5R3 run really freaked me out! However, everyone says 'Trust in the Programme' and that really is the best advice. It works, regardless of age, fitness levels, weight, etc.

    Don't forget that by the time you do W5R3 you will have completed nearly 5 weeks training - and all working towards those longer runs - so you WILL be ready.

    It certainly starts to be as much a mental as physical challenge now. Some form of distraction to get you through the 20 mins might help. Simple things like planning outings in your head work for some people. I ditched the podcast for 'that run' and ran to my own 20 minute music playlist instead which worked well for me.

    I know that if you're the worrying kind you just can't help worrying, but try not to fret too much. If you don't manage the whole 20 mins first time out, try again the next time, or the next time. The important thing is that you are out there running, no matter how long for, and you WILL get there in the end.

    Let us know how it goes won't you?

  • Just want to collaborate 'trust in the programme' it has got you this far! I felt exactly the same before the week 5 run 3 - and incessantly searched on the internet for others who had made it through. The advice that the programme has got you this far reassured me enough to put on my trainers, give it a go and get out there. It was my best run I have had so far and I found it easier than the previous two runs in the week as my body had the chance to adjust its breathing. My sheer delight with every step I took (because on that run each one really is massive progress) pushed me through to the end! Just finished week 7 yesterday and the nerves are jangling about the last two weeks but again I am going to trust this programme.

  • Hi cazmagoo,

    I won't repeat what everyone else has said, but do agree with them!! I know it's not easy, but try to take the pressure off yourself - you're not in competition with anyone! Look back at how far you've come and the progress you've made and CELEBRATE! Remember - slow and steady and you WILL do it! I'm only on Week 7, so just a bit ahead of you and still finding it tough, but I keep reminding myself how well I've done to get this far! Go for it!! And, when you've done it, post so we can celebrate with you!

  • I'm in the middle of week 4 and when I said at the weekend to my husband that I was feeling a bit nervous about it, he looked at me like I was crazy! What do you mean you're nervous about running?? So glad to see that others on here know the feeling. I'm not usually one for joining online forums but this one is definitely a good thing. All these encouraging comments are great. All the best with next weeks 20 mins!

  • Ditto! My partner thinks I'm mad. I too don't normally post on forums, but I find this this one is really inspirational (plus I think the whole running thing is contagious!)

  • Wow this is like having a fantastic motivational team behind me! Thank you so much for all your tips and encouragement - I actually feel like this is something that that can and WILL happen now, and I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead (with or without Imodium!). As suggested I will also try to get into and enjoy the moment and celebrate each triumph as it happens rather than stressing about what lies ahead. Thanks again for boosting my positive mental attitude - will let you know how it goes, and good luck to anyone else!

  • i have just completed the first run and it makes me feeling amazing to think i have actually done it!!! Good luck for the rest of the week.

  • Firstly..Relax!!!!! As I dont know you or your circumstances all I can say is that if before you started the C25K you where not used to running and you can now run for 5 minutes non stop then you have to believe me (and everyone else) that if you can run for 5 mins you can run for 10 mins if you can run 10 mins you can run 15 mins if you can run 15 mins you can run 20 minutes (are you getting this!!! How do you think people run 5k, 10k and beyond?) Just take it steady....if it takes you a few more weeks to complete the programme then so be it. You do not want to become disheartened because you are finding it difficult. You are not looking for speed at this time you are looking to just keep going ...without stopping!!!! If you feel yourself getting out of breath SLOW DOWN BUT DON'T STOP!!!! This is much easier said than done. Every runner hits "The Wall" but its not "A Wall" its "Your Wall!!!! We ALL hit a "Wall" but guess what we can all get through it we just have to keep going!!! Sometimes when I am out for a run and its getting a bit tough I imagine my heroes running with me. For you it could be a relative or a friend. It might be a celebrity or a sports person you hold in high esteem. Many a time (through gritted teeth) I have done this, I even turn my head slightly and visualise they are running next to me, they are there pushing me on, when really I just want to stop. I have had full blown conversations (in my mind of course!!) while listening to the music on the C25K podcast. I dont do this all the time but its worth a try and personally I find it really helps me get through a running session.

    Keep going, you CAN do it!!!!

  • Everything you and others say is SO true! Did W4r2 today with all the positive comments fresh in my mind, and know the only thing holding me back is in my head, making me tense up physically and mess the breathing up. Made a point of slowing down and relaxing, resulting in a much easier run. It's only when I think about the breathing that it gets difficult - like a panic attack, I just can't seem to get the air in! So from now on I'm just focusing on keeping going and the breathing technique will have to come later! No Imodium today either! 20 mins not looking QUITE so horrendous now...

  • Well done!!!!! Truthfully running is mostly mental. Keep reading the comments people are leaving with you they really will push you through. I would like to recommend a magazine to you called "Running & Fitness" its out once a month and if your newsagent has not got a copy on his shelf he should be able to order a copy for you. Order one as a one off and give it a go. Its a great read and full of some quite amazing and inspirational stories.

    Keep on running

  • Like so many I was too, but I did it and so can you :-) It really is more of a mental challenge than a physical one at this stage. It's surprising how quickly you get fit - at the start 60 seconds seemed like forever, now I'm running 30 minutes - and you will too.

    I love the Nemo quote 'keep on swimming' I'll remember that for my next run :-)

  • Def coming round to strengthening both mind and muscles now. Love the Nemo mantra too - was particularly apt today after misjudging when the torrential rain would hit - was more like bog snorkelling at times!

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