Nerves kick in

I've just been reading blogs about week 5, which I am due to begin on Wednesday. There are some lovely comments and tips about it, which is great. Despite this, and I know it's the 'mental' battle that has to be won, I'm feeling nervous!

This is how it's been for me - In week 1 and 2, it was all about getting out of the door, week 3 was about not letting it beat me and getting past the lead legs, week 4 has been a battle of the emotions - a love/hate relationship, and as I think about week 5, I feel a mix of excitement and fear; fear that I won't be able to do it, and fear that I won't even try it (I'll give up!). A pendulum of emotion. Willpower is needed!


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8 Replies

  • My sister did the big run in week 5 with me and as a more experienced runner was able to reach me a thing or two about pace which was probably invaluable. I had her by my side and Laura in one ear. It meant I want going to give up with her by my side and she was great encouragement.

    All of us have said if we can do it anyone can, can't wait to hear how you get on petal!

  • Slow and steady, petal! And don't over-think - my problem completely! Good luck, we're all cheering you on! :)

  • Oona said it all! Just KNOW you can do it! Your body is ready if your brain is willing! Gayle

  • Well there's no danger that you won't even try, so that's one fear out of the way.

    And there's no real reason why you won't be able to do it, so that's the other fear done and dusted!!

    Now the excitement - YAY!! You've completed weeks 1 - 4 - that's amazing! You are now half way through and in a few short weeks you'll be a C25K Graduate - how exciting is that?! :-)

  • If this site has taught me anything it's that you can try and that means you haven't failed! I've been tempted to repeat every week because I've been scared of what's coming next. This week I just went for it and surprised myself so much! And it gave me such a buzz. So you can't fail and you might just amaze yourself! Go for it, you're doing so well!

  • Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and support. I'll think of you all during week 5, and will let you know how it goes!

  • All the above. I'm with you. I was due to start w5 anytime from Friday and decided found lots of reasons not to. Talked myself into it this evening . It's doable, it really isn't a monster. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's enjoyable but, hey, we can do it. I kept a thought from someone's blog who is a lot further down the road, that if you can walk for x amount of minutes you can 'run' it.

    And then, yippee! We can!

  • Great thanks Sadie. I'm just about to set off, very foggy morning, but hey that's no excuse!

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