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Marathon freak out- help required


Been panicking...and need help...

I got away with my simplistic juicyju half marathon training plan last year for my first one...but I think I need to get with the grown ups for my marathon training. I am rubbish at following plans and my current training is:

Intervals for 5k and 10k on Tues and thurs plus one mile swim

Park Run Sat plus one mile swim

Long run on Sunday increasing by 2k a week ( 24k tomorrow)

My worries are:

Is that enough?

Should I have more longer runs in the week?

Should I do other stuff?

Diet...a friend has advised me I need more protein I????

Fuel...anyone any recipes for those balls? I don't want to cock it up

I am aiming for anything around 5 hours although the route is a challenging one as loads of hills ( Cornish Alps!!!)

Here is the link if anyone fancies joining me?!!

Any advice from runners new and experienced very much welcome...Thankyou...



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More protein after a run for muscle repair I think, other than that a healthy balanced diet should be ok.

Are you building plenty of hills in to your runs? It's something that tripped me up on the Loughborough half, so I'm going out of my way to run up hills now,

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to crox

Good point, I need to do more hills, ill factor that in.. Our Parkrun is v good practice....


Juju what a star you are, you have come so far in such a short time, a true credit to C25K.

Some hill work thrown in would be good for Cornish Alps and some cycling would help build up leg strength but I seem to remember you can't ride a bike but you could always try an exercise bike perhaps. I know my friend Naomi who has done 4 marathons now goes to spinning classes at a gym when she is training for hers.

I'm no expert though on long distances so don't take too much notice of my ramblings. I wish you all the best with your training.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Oldgirl

Great advice Oldgirl I might look into spinning classes... I'm just not a big fan of cycling....


Yes, all the best with the training!

Don't panic - you'll be fine, just panther it out!

All strength to you. Nerves are part of the preparation but your strong mind will win out!

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Beek

Thanks Beek!!

Just like your photo its all change again this time just pushing a lot further. There are loads of training plans out there online someone was telling me this week that there is a good one at British heart foundation. There is usually some in the running magazines too.

Plenty of protein helps your body repair itself and then you're doing the right thing extending your longer run. Although when you get longer it would mean your doing almost marathon distances every weekend which is hard on the joints.

Hills, I've never thought of running up hill yet!.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Run_Rob

Really good advice, thank you so much....come on.. Hills are fab.. I bet you can???

Plenty of time but you might need to ramp up the training for this one Juicyju.

BUPA have some plans and advice which may help.

Training plan -

Nutrition etc -

Up to you where you start the training plan as you're probably more advanced at this stage.

If you are going to use the drinks available on the course, make sure you've tried these in advance and that your body is used to them.

The pasta party sounds like a good plan too and might ease the nerves.

Good luck !


Remember you'll need fuel and water, so start practicing with your food and drink routine during you run so that you can keep going and know what suits your stomach. Good look, also scale back the training every three or four weeks to give yourself a recovery week, no pushing it that week. Enjoy

Ahh i'm debating doing the half marathon @ Eden. Its 15mins from where i live and some of the hills around are horrendous but i just keep gettin out there and tackling them. Am waitin till I've increased my distances a bit more and to see how my 10k goes in June before actually entering but think i've got the determination to do it :)

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