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Hump run


So Juicyju had a bit of exhaustion going job, loads of running for 5X50 ( because I cannot ride so its either running or swimming). I was not my usual focussed self. I even forgot to put my lipstick on one day ( shock, horror!!!). You get the Thursday and Friday were walking ( apart from taking my totally beautiful girl Amarissa ( age 9, loves horses) out for week 2 run 1). To top it all some insect bites I got at my cousins when I was dragging logs up the river two weeks ago got cellulitus...I'm not a bleliever in antibiotics unless I'm half dead so I have self managed.

Boring boring...blah blah blah yes Ju, get to the point!!!....SO this weekend, here are the Juicyju hardcore stats:

1. Beat my PB at parkrun...28.58 ( its a f***** killer route all uphill!!)

2. Got my fastest 1 k ( at said parkrun=4.42mins)

3. Ran my longest run today..22k...I just had to somehow get over the HM hump and we fact I really could have carried on....apart from the chaffing.....right under arm and thighs :( so its back on MFP to do some reductiations!!!!!!! I have big beefy thighs , I always have so I should have prepared. I rubbed some of my ( tinted) vaseline on them, but frankly that was wrong on so many levels!!!! It was a hard run, particularly as I was v hungover and had been up a lot in the night with my daughter who is poorly ( poor love)

4. Incident with 12 year old gorgeous we get to SPAR at 17k for energy drink and randoms...I always jog round the shop which he hates. I thought he'd gone out the door, but I turned ( and jogged) out and smashed into him, water everywhere...only to find two ( v attractive) 12 year old girls on the bench outside looking v cool... he went bright red and then ran off the wrong way, and wouldn't talk to me for 1k, then told me he wouldn't run with me ever again as I was sooo embarrasing.... So I got really upset..then he said 'Ok mummy I will'...I'm quite good with men!!!!

5. Shorts ( see pic, don't look at dirty tiles)...As its Summer I don't want long socks tan lines or getting too hot so I wore my shorts, and boy I have tanned, need to get some block. My aim is to wear the knicky knocks the athletes wear in the Marathon, as they look so comfy and cool. However, thighs need taming, so here we go..

Well done to SuzieBenjy who completed the London Marathon...Marathon queen you are the bees knees...

Happy Panthering all



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well done on all that activity! you make me feel tired just thinking of it! well done on those long runs and PBs! the incident with your son made me chuckle! 12 yr olds are very easily embarassed especially infront of girls ! Oh well, at least hes not given up on running with you! have a good week panthering! :)

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to aliboo70

Thank you.. And yes I'm SOOO relieved he will actually still run with me!!

Am sure that you always have had a certain way with men, and I hadn't even noticed the tiles, the was so much more about your photo that sparked the interest.

Sounds like a brilliant run and I can only stand in awe of the 22k, I've still not even managed 5k.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Run_Rob

It's all relative... It's taken me a year to get to this place, and when I got to5k at my first Parkrun I was so made up and contended... More than today!!!Enjoy those goals, keep them simple and meaningful. Or we run the risk of losing ourselves.....


Certainly sounds like an amazing run, although you make me chuckle because there is always so much more than just running in your blogs.

And a new pb at park run plus the longest ever run the day after, I'm not surprised you are feeling happy.

Ouch on the chaffing, I often struggle with my belly bouncing around too.

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Hidden

Thankyou MatthewW...My best mate advised me on some stuff called Bodyglide lube, so I will invest in might want to try it for your belly too ;)


Glad your cub is back on-side! Impressive stats too, especially for your up hill park run. I thought my park run route was daunting, up hill for half of it, but at least we get to come back down again! x

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to no-excuse

I should have said...there is a downhill all the way back!! I have misled you thinking I was running up a flipping mountain!!!...and thankyou..

no-excuseGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Lol! There's me thinking you lucky lot had a cable car ride back down! x


Have v unglamourous toes this morning-at least four will go. I also have thigh chaffing-had to search for St. John's folk for Vaseline-and apply-as you say wrong on so many levels. My finger nails look great -shellac sparkly coral:-)

Hidden in reply to suzybenj

I am kowtowing with mucho respect though. You and Jucyjiu are brilliant role models :-) Congratulations to you - I am in awe.

suzybenjGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks- i don't think my marathon days are over....

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to suzybenj

Oh glad you are OK and in one piece...we were all rooting for you!!! Nice nails...perfect for a Marathon Queen :)

suzybenjGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

yah yah - all in a good cause darling- crawling around at home - stairs real challenge. My sense of humour is returning :-) 22 apr is ballot for VLM - get in there - I am going for it....

danzargoGraduate in reply to suzybenj


suzybenjGraduate in reply to danzargo

heh heh - thanks...


Whooo. You sure do manage to pack a lot in JuicyJu. Top of the range panthering, and kudos for getting out there, and especially that wonderful mother-son moment. It will be something to hold over his head when he is old enough to bring home his first proper girlfriend :-)

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Hidden

Thankyou...he probably has one already, but he would never tell me as i'd be ringing up her mum to invite her for tea and a mummy grill!!!!! I think I will find fault in any girl because he is my perfect boy!!!

Hidden in reply to ju-ju-

Lol. My OH does that daddy grilling already. I mean seriously? It's a toddler play date! However given our daughter is our only child so far, it's understandable. I'm just not looking forward to those teenage years though :-) hopefully I'll be up for long runs by then so I can get some peace and quiet :-)


Well done Ju. I would love to wear shorts but the thought of it makes me shudder. Still, never say never ey. How come you got tanned legs already? Mind you I have a windburned face, complete with insect bitten forehead. What a sight!

Disgusting tiles Ju! LOL I have stopped cleaning my house now as I don't have time. Gotta run instead.

Keep on running and telling us of your adventures

Oooooh and Suze is back! Also bowing down low to the Goddess of running (you too Ju of course) Utmost respect ladies. We are in awe of your prowess, and all while managing to maintain lippy and nails. That's multi-tasking at its zenith

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to misswobble

wow...a woman after my own heart, housework is for mumsy's and is frankly rather boring...well being out yesturday the sun got me, I have tan lines!!! I love running with bright red nails, it brings out the panther!!!!...and thankyou I think you are just fab!


There are some very impressive numbers here JJ. I am particularly impressed that you are getting both longer and faster simultaneously. I know that long runs are supposed to improve short run speed but it is nice to hear it from someone you know (sort of). Out of interest what pace do you run at if you are doing 20-odd km? Do you manage to keep up a fairly level pace throughout?

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to ChrisL

Thankyou Mr Stats ( my name for you). Well- that is a good question and deserves a list:

Qualifying 5k: 6.4min's/k

Long run ( 10k after 1 month) k's: 7 mins/k

Now ( one year on):

5k: 5.40 mins/k

10k: 5.40-6.00 mins/k

HM: 6.30 mins/k

Extended long runs: 6.4/k

My training plan for this next year ( just updated spreadsheet on fridge!):

5k: 5 mins/k

10k: 5.3 mins/k

HM: 5.4 mins ( aiming for sub 2 hour)/k

Marathon: 5 hours= whole thing!!!

I tend to do one faster one slower k until about 15k then it stays the same, and my last k is always the fastest. Yesturday I walked once for 30 secs as I was tired at about 15k and it boosted me ( along with some randoms)

Very long response but it answers the question and gives you a whole lot more you really didn't ask for!!!!!!

ChrisLGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks for all that JJ. Very interesting. The main points I take away from it are;

- by running longer you have knocked a full minute off your 5k pace in 12 months

- your 10k pace is not and never has been very much (20 secs) slower than your 5k pace

This bodes well for me personally if I follow suit.

Based on your times above I suspect if you reach your 5k and HM goals you will smash your 10k & Marathon goals....

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to ChrisL

and also....Long term plan is for my first ultra in the Alps in 2016, so thats where my training is heading, I'm researching fuel, mental focus, lubes etc,and to beat my son at parkrun, and then you and Aftabs ( ha ha ha as if!!!!!!)

ChrisLGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

Name the date JJ and I will look forward to it. We can jog along together and watch Aftabs zoom off into the distance...

ChrisLGraduate in reply to ju-ju-

..and why the Alps for god's sake? Couldn't you find an ultra in Holland or Norfolk?

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to ChrisL

I totally love an Ultrarunner called Bosy something, and she runs in the Alps...I love mountains and drama...and a bit of hardcore challenge :)


Hilarious Leon story there Juju. Hahaha! What's it like to be the most embarrassing mum in the entire South West? (for at least ten minutes I mean!) Hahahaha!! Hope your wee girl is better.

But seriously well done on your 22K. You're a complete nutter and I wonder how the heck you do that sort of distance. Good PB too on Park Run - which I have still to do one day....maybe...perhaps...AND A 4.42K? I'm gonna have to check my own stas now just to make sure you're not totally embarrassing ME! Hee hee.

I know those knicker knocks you're talking about. There's hardly anything of them, but I would imagine you'd feel like a gazelle in them. I find the more revealing the running gear, the better I run. Just saying....but don't worry. I would never wear womens running knick knocks......unless it was fancy dress......or a marathon.....and I sure as heck aint doing one of those anytime soon! But YOU are! In October. Keep us up to date now, yer hear?

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to danzargo

Thank you...and I will be wearing the knick knocks in October, I think you should too ;)


"I have big beefy thighs", good grief judging by your photo if they're beefy, I'd hate to think of the adjectives I'd need to describe mine! You look awesome and the running sounds so much fun - so lovely to hear there are still goals to smash even when you're up to running 22k.

Just a wee question on 5X50 - is it not 5k or 30mins of exercise everyday for 50 days? Does that not mean dancing,zumba, horse riding, walking, exercise classes (or DVDs) all count towards your quota rather than just run/cycle/swim?

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Hidden

yep...all exercise, its either a 5k run, or some form of exercise for 30 minutes.....and thankyou so much...and they are beefy, you just don't see the beef in the pic!!!! My cousin has told me I have Viking thighs!!!


Tiles? What tiles? Can't say I'd noticed any tiles!! Attention must have been elsewhere ;) . Glad you managed to get Leon back on side. But all this talk of chafing just made me think of Vic Reeves; I'm sure that's not the look you're going for!

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to OldNed

ha it OldNed...and thankyou :)

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