Couch to 5K

Completed week 5 run 1 today

Hi everyone, first time on here. I ran day 1 of week 5 today and am feeling really happy about myself. I had no problems, just really windy.

I have to say, before this app, i hated running and now i look forward to going out for a run. I have noticed the difference in my fitness already. I have changed my diet and also go to the gym so I'm feeling good.

So bring on the week 5 run 3. It will be a bit more challenging but I think I can manage. Provided my wife doesn't give birth this week (twins), should be ok. I hope I can still find time to run when they are finally here.

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Hi welcome to this friendly forum, you've come to the right place. Sounds like you are getting on really well and so many positives! Good luck with the twins, how exciting! Keep posting and let us know how you get on x


Hello :)

Firstly good luck with the twins, how exciting for you!!! :) What a good motivation to keep fit and healthy! How did you feel going from week 4 to week 5?



Ha, good luck with the twins. Maybe you can run with a twin buggy later? all that extra weight to push around will probably make you even fitter. And think how many brownie points you will earn by taking them out of the house for a bit so your wife can have a bath in peace, or just have a rest.


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