Parkrun - 5km in 22:55 - Ran last km with a stitch

Hi all!

It's been a reasonable week for my running:

Sunday - 12km in 72 minutes

Wednesday - 5km in 29:38

Saturday - 5km in 22:55

I wasn't able to run a total of 4 times because I began a new role at work and had to put in extra hours to learn the role. I have been increasing the distance for my slow long runs on Sunday and am planning on running 13km tomorrow and 15km next week. I hope that this will improve my fitness and therefore my 5km times.

My aim for today's Parkrun was about 22:45. I set off well and was on track to achieve this at the 4km mark. I was ready to kick on but then got a painful stitch. I tried to run through it but did slow because each step was painful. I finished only 1 second slower than last week so it isn't a disaster.

My calf's have been getting tight after most runs so I am thinking of buying some calf supports. I have discussed these with a fellow Parkrunner and he said it has helped him a lot.

Here is a link to my run and happy running all:


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14 Replies

  • Well done Aftabs, great time as always. Have you registered a 1/2M and which one if you have?

  • Thanks. I haven't signed up for a HM because I haven't had enough time to train for it properly. I'm going to wait a month or so to settle into my new role at work and then look at a HM because I'll be able to train for it properly then.

  • Well done BionicMan and I'm glad you are increasing your distances... Doing really well!

  • Thanks, I ran 13km on Sunday morning and it was great. 15km next Sunday!

  • Wow what a great time you should be really pleased!

  • Thanks!

  • Well done and such a fantastic time. Your a great inspiration to us all on here. Hope your calves ease up a bit.

  • Thanks. I have ordered calf support and should have it before next Parkrun. I'll let everyone know if it helps.

  • Well done - - moving closer to the time you want. A doctor friend of mine advised for a stitch - blow in and out like you are blowing up a balloon. I have tried it on occasion and it seems to work.

    Good luck with the new role :-)

  • Thank you. I got a stitch at the beginning of my slow long Sunday run. I tried the breathing technique. The stitch didn't get worse and slowly disappeared. I don't know if the breathing helped or not but thanks for the advice!

  • That's a good time Aftabs. Congratulations.

    I have read that stitch can be caused by always starting to breath out when on the same leg stride (eg left leg) and that the temporary solution is to switch to breathing out on the other leg stride. I have seen it suggested that to avoid stitch and to keep some balance in the core it is best to adopt a breathing pattern that alternates which leg you start your out breath on.

  • Thanks ChrisL. I did try to use the advise that you gave but I don't think I'm co-ordinated enough to alternative as noted above! I'll give it another go on my next run and see if I can get my breathing timed correctly.

  • I can't do it for long either Aftabs. My breathing is all over the place.

  • Excellent times, that's a fast 5K Aftabs I don't know how you do it, my best 5k is 24'41" and I'm hanging at the end :)

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