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Parkrun 5km - 22:28 - Good weather but a bit windy

Hi all,

It has been a good week for my running:

Sunday - 16km - 1:35:42

Tuesday - 6km - 35:55

Thursday - 6km - 29:57

Saturday - 5km - 22:28

Now that the days are getting longer and the weather is a bit better I plan on upping the distances and having a few interval sessions too. Hopefully this will feed into better 5km times.

I had hoped to get close or beat my PB today but it just didn't click. The 4th km let me down, which took me almost 5 minutes, I was running into some headwind and my legs were tired so I couldn't keep pushing.

On a plus point I finished 6th today which is the second highest I have ever finished. It would have been 5th but I was pipped about 5 meters from the end! I was holding someone off and his final push was a bit too much for me. I checked the Garmin stats and according to that I was running 3:45min/km pace at the end so I don't think I could have fended the guy off!

I am planning an 11 miles (17.7km) run tomorrow. It will be easy pace and I am looking forward to it. Hopefully I can beat my 22:12 5km PB soon and the longer runs can only help.

Here is a link to my run and happy running all!


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Wow, well done Aftabs! Sounds like you are having some great runs.

Good luck with your PB.




That's a great week Aftabs and sixth today! Well done. x


Thank you!


So you're one of those guys who laps in just after the first lap.

Well done


That is what is great about Parkrun, it's for people of all abilities. Our 4km and finishing points are close to each other and each week whenever I get to the 4km mark the front runners are just finishing.


Hi Aftabs, those are some amazing times! I just wondered, are you adding in any cross training to your fitness schedule or how on earth are your times getting faster and faster? I was told recently that if I only ran, that my body would only know how to run and that general fitness was more of a global concept which required different types of exercise. I have been trying to do a lot of cross training but just can't seem to get my times down at all; in fact, they've gone up!

I'm sure you'll get your parkrun PB soon, it's only a matter of time ;) lol!


Thanks! Until recently I had been doing strength training at the gym twice a week, which meant I was either running or doing weights 6 days a week. However I got a promotion at work and started in a new position 3 weeks ago and have had a lot to do. Something had to give so I have stopped the weights and have continued with the running. I do need to start the weights again but it maybe a month or so until I can find the time to slot them back in.

However you can improve your running by varying your running sessions. You can do long slow runs and hard interval sessions. The first will improve your endurance and the second will improve your pace. You can also do hill running where you run up a hill with high intensity and then walk down it to get a breather and then repeat! So there are ways to get different types of workouts via running. Having said all of that cross training will help!


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