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50th Parkrun in 22:25!


Hi all!

I hope are all well. I've been off HU for a while but have still been running. I've been slowly working back to my best whilst recovering from my tight calf's. I've seen a physio who has been helpful and given me stretches to do regularly. I've restricted myself to 3 runs a week and a maximum of 10km. I'm on the mend now and am able to push myself more at Parkrun. Before today my best 5km in the last 6 months was 22:45 and today I ran in 22:25! My aim today was to get approx 22:30 so was very happy with my time.

I started fast and completed the first km in 4:15. I was in a group of 3 people and quickly overtook them all. It was the first time in a while that I've been heading a group at Parkrun so it was a bit harder to keep the pace up. I was overtaken at the 3km mark and didn't manage to reign the guy in. I think he finished 15 seconds ahead of me which was a lot faster than I was aiming for so I didn't mind.

It was my 50th run and because it was the Islamic festival of Eid last week I bought in some sweet and savoury Asian treats for everyone. I asked the race director if it was okay a few weeks ago and she kindly organised for a table and a gazebo to be set up! So everyone had some nice but unhealthy food to eat after their run.

Well I'm waiting for my email to come through so I can place an order for my 50 shirt!

Happy running all!

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Aftabs, you are amazing! It sounds like a lovely meeting and how nice of you to share and celebrate Eid like that. Congratulations on your fantastic time! Enjoy your 50 shirt - we expect a picture when it arrives.


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Thanks Beek. I'll share a photo when it arrives.


Well done Aftab, and how lovely to treat everyone to some post run snacks, sounds like a perfect celebration. :-)

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Great news Aftabs - and well done for reaching the magic 50 Parkruns

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Thanks, now I can aim for the 100 shirt!


As ever.. Brilliant bionic Aftabs :)

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...and you are too kind but thanks!


Aftabs, top man. Firstly well done on the Park Run and achieving a brilliant time. Secondly, wow, the big 5-0!! As with a lot of us on here, we follow your progress closely and its amazing what you have achieved. Lastly, a belated Eid Mubarak and what a wonderful gesture treating your fellow runners. I always say, the running community is the most decent and genuine of communities I have ever encountered. Again, well done mate. M

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Khair Mubarak, jzk for the kind words. Also congratulations on your HM, that was an amazing time and it shows what is possible when you lay off the curry's and put together a bit of hard work!

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Thanks. My PB is 21:45 and I hope to beat that by the end of the year if I stay injury free.


How lovely of you to arrange all that! I hope everyone enjoyed it x

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Everyone did enjoyed it. The food had people gulping down even more water than normal because the samosa's were a bit hot!


Haven,t posted for a bit myself but came across your latest post and thought I'd reply. Well done Aftabs. And a belated Eid Mubarak to you too. Keep up the good work. Hope the calves are better.

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