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Parkrun 5km - 22:22 - Good run but mixed feelings

Hi all!

So first it has been a good week for the running:

Sunday - 13km - 1:16:57

Tuesday - 5km - 26:53

Thursday - 5km - 29:00

Today - 5km - 22:22

Recently my calf's have been very tight so I bought compression calf support to help. It certainly has helped because even though my calf's are a bit tight I have had no pain while I have been running. It gave me the confidence to push a bit more today. In addition I have slowly increased my endurance by increasing my long runs. I am aiming to increase to a half marathon distance by next month. I will then maintain my long runs between 16km and HM distance. In addition I will start interval sessions again but I think I have to improve my endurance first.

So to today, I set my Garmin so I could race against last weeks time of 22:55. My aim was to improve my time by about 10 seconds. Every km I looked at the watch to see where I was compared to last week. The watch kept showing me as about 5 seconds ahead, so nothing special. I felt like I was keeping up a good pace but the watch wasn't reflecting that. I tried to keep up with the runners around me and whenever someone pulled a bit ahead of me I tried to improve my pace to keep up. When I got to the 4km mark I felt tired and because the watch wasn't showing me as much better than last week I didn't increase my pace to try and gain 10 seconds or so. When I finished my time was 22:22 and I was very surprised. The reason the watch's comparison was so off was because it has measured today's run as 4.86km rather than 5km. This has happened a few times before but it is a limitation of the technology.

So I am very happy with the time but had I known I was so close to my PB of 22:12 I would have pushed through and maybe got the PB.

So I have a 15km planned for tomorrow and maybe a faster Parkrun next week!

Happy running all and here is a link to today's run:


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Well done Aftab, I'm sure that PB will come soon. I've just ordered a Garmin as I'm fed up with Endomondo going awry but reading this realise it isn't infallible either, still going to be nice to just glance at my wrist instead though.


Thanks, I've accepted the shortfalls in the tech, but it's still great.


Great run. You are really flying these days!




Ooooh, good to hear about compression calf guards, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and order some. I need the extra support as I'm unable to push on because of the worry. Also, your posts never fail to impress me. Keep posting please! :)


Thanks! I ran 10 miles (16km) on Sunday and the calf compression guards really helped in stopping the tight calfs.


Think I will have to try them after all of these recommendations. Which ones did you go for?!


I have these, you have to measure your calf and get the right size, otherwise it might not be tight enough.



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