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Week 1 Over and Done!

Yippee, I made it! Week 1 was tough as I am so unfit. Know it will get harder, cannot think to jog longer than 60 seconds. My legs still so heavy, I hope it will go away! Looking forward to Week 2. It is a great accomplishment for me to stick to a fitness program. I find it also help me feel better about myself. I wanted to start looking after my body as I am still healthy. My father was diagnosed with cancer last September and I want to do it for him as he is very worried about my health and state of mind. I am bipolar. I love to read about what fellow joggers (or are we runners??) say and all the advice. Have a good weekend.

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Well done for completing W1. It is hard to imagine jogging for longer than 60 seconds at the beginning but you will. Just go steady and have faith in the programme. It doesn't necessarily get harder either because you build up stamina and fitness. Good luck and stick with it x


Well done! It does get easier - I never thought I'd be able to do 60 seconds, then 90 seconds, then I thought 3 minutes really was impossible, but I've just finished W3R3, and I'm actually looking forward to week 4!


Well done Savanna. You've done the hard part - actually making the decision to start. Like you, I was rubbish at following fitness programs but came across this in Dec 2013. I had never run in my life and was rubbish at school but I had the motivation to do it in memory of Dad and signed up for Race of Life this summer.

Since running, I have found that it does help clear my head, give me energy and a more positive outlook on life. I have found the death of my Dad really hard, but it's true what they say that exercise is good therapy.

Stick with it. I never believed that in 2 months I would be running for 30mins but I can and I really enjoy it, esp the endorphin buzz.

I still call myself a slow jogger ..... but Laura said I was a runner round about week 7 so that's good enough for me.

Good luck!


Hi Savanna well done you, your off the starting blocks and although its not easy you have succeeded in the biggest hurdle of the lot, and that for me was week 1. Take each week as it comes and take it steady, its not a race!

A very dear friend of mine is also bipolar and I know only too well how things can change, almost as unpredictable as our weather. She often used to say the dark clouds are rolling in, or are overhead. I can also say she has improved with taking on exercise, not running yet! But it has given her something positive to work at and her body feels better which in turn helps the mind. Good luck to you ad your running buddy.

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You have done so well to get out there and finish the first week. You may find it easier than you think, or you may find some weeks you have to repeat, but it doesn't matter either way so long as you keep at it. It took me 7 months to complete the program, couldn't even do week 1 when I started, and now 7 months later I run for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. I can run 4km without stopping! When I think about how unfit I was, that is a big achievement, so it can be done, you can succeed, and if you want to, you will. Good luck, and don't think beyond the next run

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Hi Savanna! Well done you getting week 1 behind you! Your legs will soon recover and this programme really does work by building you up slowly and steadily so that when you arrive at the next stage your body is prepared and well able to step up to the mark.

I've had problems with depression since my Mother died (and associated issues looking after her) and I find that I am beginning to feel more at one with myself because of the running. I hope in time that you too start to feel in a better place - I'm certain you will.

Be kind to yourself, savour your successes and enjoy the good feelings that are coming your way!

Take each run as it comes - no need to look ahead and scare yourself off it!

HAPPY RUNNING! ( you'll know why we say this when you get to the end of the programme)


Well done savanna on completing wk 1 . We are at the same stage now . Keep up the good work & remember don't look too far ahead , just take each run as it comes & you will do it .


Hi Savanna. Welcome and well done on getting started. It does get easier. I thought I was going to pass out on my first run and I am still here (finishing week 6 tomorrow all being well). I think this programme is great for both physical and mental health and I wish I had done this years ago, esp through challenging times. The big jumps in time are not as terrifying as I thought - its true, I am with all the others, it really does work and I hope you will soon be progressing through the weeks :)


Hi Savanna!

Congratulations to you! Well done!

I managed week 1 run 3 tonight

It fealt good? Tiring but good!

I have mental health problems too? Many years now.

It makes our challenge that bit more special?

Anyway I have strength and flex tomorrow? Are you doing that as well?

Next run Monday! Good luck!


Hi BarryP :). I like your way of typing (talking). Almost like a poem! Not doing flex exercises. Think I will start it though. Next Monday it is.


Congratulations. Getting out the door is the difficult part. I found that running has made me less anxious and I sleep better too. You should be proud of yourself x


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