week 1 done i am still alive

12 mounths ago i could not walk for a minute never mind run . i had angina diabetes high blood presure i was and still am obese.i have lost about 7 stone going to gym 4 or 5 days a week .had lots of help there been looking at c25k for a while and started on sunday i have just finished week 1 .looking forward to next week .love reading the posts people have put on find them very helpfull.

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  • You have already achieved so much. Well done. C25k is great and I feel sure you will enjoy further success. Welcome to this forum - everyone here is so supportive and it is great to share your progress.

  • Fantastic progress already - I'm sure you will find this programme will work for you - just remember it's fine to repeat weeks until you feel comfortable - it's not a race. The measure is your own progress which you can look back on with pride. Might be worth keeping a record of how you are getting on - I only did for the last couple of weeks of the plan, but even then it's such a clear record of my increasing fitness (even though i never believed it would work for me) that I'm really pleased I did. Best of luck!

  • Wow, you've had an amazing journey already by the sounds of it! Good luck! :-)

  • You're awesome! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...

  • Brilliant! All the best with your c25k journey - keep us posted on your progress :)

  • Greetings from another Ned!! I hadn't run since leaving school, 46 years previously. But this programme really does work and this forum is very helpful & supportive. You've already made the most important step by starting; stick with it, trust in Saint Laura, ask lots of questions and you WILL do it. We'll expect lots of progress reports!!

  • thank you for your replys looking forward to week 2.

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