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Couch to 5K
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Week 1 done and dusted

Well. I've completed the first week of C25K :)

Did my final run of the week last night. Have had a couple of bad days with my long term health condition and it took so much energy just to even get ready yesterday. I added an extra bit to my route so it wouldn't come up short again but it wasn't the physical that was hard to push through.

Was waging a war with myself in my head.

'Why are you doing this, you're fat and in your mid 40's, you'll never be any good at this.' 'Remember how bad you felt that time when you couldn't keep up with the others and they were always having to wait on you' 'Everyone is looking at you thinking what's that daft cow doing she's a right heifer she's dreaming if she thinks it'll make any difference to her'. Thanks a bundle inner monologue.

But I did complete it, mostly by drowning out the voice with loud counting in my head.

So I bought a bit of cake from Morrisons to pat myself on the back. And I don't care if it was stuffed full of sugar.

I reight enjoyed it.

Week 2 on the way :)

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Very well done. A big part of running is psychological and you need to practice positive self talk. "Come on, you're doing really well, not much further- you CAN do this" etc. It is after all just a habit how we think about things. Just because you think negative things, it doesn't mean that this is objective truth.

Now, the cake...... It is important to reward oneself for doing well. However if you use food as a reward a) that means you are using food for emotional reasons (food=reward) and b) you are not supporting your running with healthy eating choices.

Also, if you fuel runs you are likely to put weight on during the programme, as you are not using many calories yet. This in turn will demotivate you and make it more likely that you will give up. So how about finding an alternative, lots of positive self talk again " you did it ! Well done. here's a pat on the back". Or just come on here and we will CHEER!. Do you have someone at home who will praise you?

Good luck :)


Ordinarily I'd agree with you and I don't make a habit of eating crappy food as a reward after exercise. This particular day I'd spent the best part of it trying to convince myself that the best thing to do would not be to stay in bed and just die. So surmounting that and even managing to get out and attempt the run was a major win. So I had my cake and ate it. It was only a Mr Kipling choc chip sponge thing and not an entire cake I hasten to add. My eating the entire cake days were left in 2014.

No I live on my own. With a cat and a tortoise :)


I had a tortoise but it ran off and I couldn't catch it.


I've been known to eat an entire bag of donuts after a run. I'm not going to stress over it. I'm vegan and eat very healthily most of the time. The odd treat is fine as long as it doesn't escalate xx


Only trying to help


I know chuck my reply really wasn't meant to be snappy, sorry if that's the way it came across, and I do agree with what you said about positive thinking. I just really really really really needed that cake the other day!


Well done, week 1 in the bag 👏


Well done on finishing your session , you had the cake , hope you enjoyed it , now knuckle down to the programme and look forward ti a bigger piece of cake after you’ve graduated , keep it going 👍

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