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That’s week one over and done again.

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Well I’ve come to the end of week one. Just did my third run of the week and loved it. I even took my collie dog with me she loved it too.

Pretty much ache free today after the first 2 runs this week and everything seemed to go soooo smoothly

Gotta day this is my best run to date including last years runs and the first 20 min run I did can’t remember what week that was but this was awesome.

Looking forward to Monday afternoon now that my next run. I’m on early shift so can’t get it done before work

Anyone got any recommendations for running gloves?

Have a fantastic rest of the weekend


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Fabulous! I have some very cheap gloves from decathlon last year. With fingers, but with an additional bit that folds over to give more warmth. Most of my winter runs were on a treadmill so I only tried them out a couple of times, but had no issues.

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I think I’m going to get some cheap eBay ones until Christmas. Then ask for some new gear then.

Since I’ve lost weight I’m really noticing the cold. ⛄️

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Good job. I use thinsulate gloves, cheap and warm, don’t think they’ll do touchscreen though.

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Hi Chris9r. Thinsulate gloves do me fine. You might want to get 2x pairs in case 1x pair get rain sodden or you lose one.😸😸

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I think I’ll do just that! 👌🏻

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