Cooeee! Amazing, unbelievably brilliant, yay, go me! Thanks everyone, guess what?

I've done it! Week9 Run 3 done, I can't believe it. I never thought at the beginning that I would be able to do this. I stumbled across the app in January and thought...' interesting, I don't think it's possible, but I may give that a go'. So I puffed my way through the first 60 second run and thought there was no way I would be able to carry on, I felt like my lungs were going to burst, but I didn't want to stop before Laura told me the time was up. Gradually, my legs have felt a bit less leaden, my breathing is better ( as long as I don't think about it too much) and my recovery after each run is quicker.

I have never really enjoyed exercise, I hated PE at school, but at the age of 53 thought I ought to do something to keep fit and healthy and the only thing I have ever wanted to do but never felt able to do, was run. How I've envied all those runners that I see out and about and wished that I could be like them. Well, I'm slow, a bit chaotic in the breathing department, useless with juggling my phone, earplugs, tissue, water etc, but I am out there, I am one of them and long may it continue!

I am now going to work on doing the 5k more quickly, at the moment its 43 minutes and I would like to do some park runs, so I have some targets to aim for.

One thing I do know is that without doubt this forum has kept me going, the advice, encouragement and support is brilliant, it is great to read about others highs and lows and you just know that someone will share their thoughts if you post or ask a question. My husband often asks why I'm laughing and its usually someones funny one liner that just has me cracking up. I am a bit obsessed with looking on here, but I have noticed that there aren't many posts that don't get some sort of response from someone, either a new runner or a graduate. It means a lot to me that people who graduated a while back take the time to respond and acknowledge us newbies.

Sorry I've gone on like some Oscar winner but this programme is fantastic. No-one doubt what this can do for you.

Enjoy your running everybody x

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24 Replies

  • Wow great news! You must feel on top of the world. It's good to read as it does help knowing that if I just stick at it I will get there!

  • I do feel great thanks! You will get there , I can't really believe its do-able but if I can I am sure most can. Happy running. x

  • Wow.congratulations? I really enjoyed reading your post. You sound so happy and so you should be. Like you say, I don't think I could have got so far with this challenge if it weren't for all the support from this board. I am a week way from my graduation and if i manage to complete it i feel my Oscar speech could definitely match yours. Ha ha.

  • Thankyou! Yes I am so pleased. I shall look forward to reading your speech soon then! Not long now! x

  • Well done, keep going for the goals x

  • Thank you, I will. I need to have something to aim for. Good luck with your running x

  • Thank you :)

  • Congratulations. All your hard work and determination has paid off. Keep it up.

  • Thank you, I intend to x

  • Well done you. Its such achievement and so glad that i started and completed it. I am now doing the bridge 2 10k. Good luck with your running

  • Thank you, bridge 2 10k sounds interesting, I will check that out in the future, after I work on my times and park run. For now I want to settle into my running the 5k and get to feeling a bit more comfortable with it. x

  • Very well done! I'm chaotic with tissues, keys, phone, earphones and tangles of all kinds and drive myself mad but I still love to get out there. I'm not pulling any trees up but I get there in the end

    I want to do a park run too but keep chickening out

  • Thank you! Perhaps we should just sign up and do it! x

  • Well done you! I'm nearly there and I'm similarly incredulous that I've achieved so much in such a short time! 10k here we come!

  • Thankyou! Maybe, maybe .... hope to hear about your graduation soon x

  • Woop woop. Well done no-excuse. It's so true, that without this site, I know I would not keep putting my trainers on. It feels like a real community. I was thinking recently that we could do our own HealthUnlocked Couch to 5k parkrun. Possibly in the late summer? Never done a parkrun but our own one would be great.

    You must feel very proud of yourself and good luck with your next adventures.

  • Thanks Tinyrun! Sorry just seen this message otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned the park run in my earlier reply to you! Our own one would be fantastic- how are your organisational skills? LOL x

  • I have some organisational skills but would need support. You in no-excuse? ;-) Would need to speak to HealthUnlocked team and get the administrators from here involved. I think it would be great fun and what a way to get the programme noticed. The programme could then be put up in GP surgeries, etc, as we all keep saying it should be advertised more.

  • Sounds like a great idea! and yes I'm in, I can picture it all now with Laura at the start line, us in our name emblazoned shirts, me as tail end Charlie! Don't know about the logistics of it though with everyone very widespread. But I agree, the programme should have more publicity, it could boost the health of the nation, both physically and mentally. If you want to run it by someone I'm certainly interested. x

  • Fantastic !!!! Well done you! Got a friend coming round so apologies for short reply but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Thanks Aliboo! Good luck with your graduation run- I shall look forward to hearing all about it x

  • So so happy for you!! Congratulations and remember - you are a runner!! Just like all those people you used to envy! I thought about splashing out and actually buying some proper running clothes (instead of my eighties reject sweatpants and baggy sweatshirt) but they are my lucky clothes that got me to graduation - not swopping now!. Love your post and journey - hope to hear where you from now. Happy running!! go you :) go you :) Yippee!!!

  • Thanks Carole! I splashed out at the beginning with the idea that it would make me stick with the programme. It worked! Oh, I am in Kent and run along the North Kent coast when I can and various footpaths and parks near home x

  • Sorry, Typo error!! I mean't to say hope to hear where go from now - meaning what happens next/now? My Lancashire slang can let me down- even though I have lived in Somerset for many years! Kent sounds beautiful and it is the beauty outside that gets me motivated! Let us all know how you progress x

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