Couch to 5K

w7 run1

I was looking forward to completing this run after doing the last run of week 6 on Monday. All was fine, changed into my running gear, got Laura speaking to me through the speakers and turned on the treadmill, at first not too bad but as i progressed i thought i am really struggling here, my calves and the backs of my thighs were hurting in fact half way through the 25mins run i thought i am going to have to stop i cant do this!!!!

Anyway i persevered, i actually had to hold onto the rails of the treadmill a couple of times and once nearly flew of the back!!!!! lol.

Anyway i ended up having to walk few a couple of mins when my heart rate soared to 200!!!!! i got scared you see, and could just imagine the headlines in the local rag women collapses on treadmill with heart attack!!!!! Not good for the image at all.

I was never so relieved to hear Laura say well done you can stop and complete the cool down walk, by now the perspiration was dripping of my nose and down my back, my hair was stuck to my head---not a good look at any age but more so when you are 61years old!!!! lol.

When i had recovered i started to pack away the tread mill and discovered to my horror that i had just run 25mins on the highest incline!!!!!!! Just hope i don't suffer too much tomorrow for my stupidity.

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Wow surely that counts as a week 9 then, ha ha. Well done, I hope you enjoy an easier level pace for runs 1 & 2. :-)


Thanks for posting. I did chuckle at the end. I and 47 and just going into week 2 snd to read your story of you getting on soooo well has given me great encouragement. Thanks again and well done!


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