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Week 7 - run1 - legs of lead

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Got up this morning, looking forward to my run, to find my legs were like lead!

Then getting ready for run, found my leggings torn - so I had to sew then up before going out.

Legs were still like lead after my warm up walk but I didn't want to miss my run so I went for it.

It was soo hot and sooo hard going, my breathing was awful and I thought about stopping and walking, then thought just keep pushing on, probably won't finish the whole 25 but just see how long you keep going. Some time later Laura said you've been running for 12 and 1/2 minutes that's half way through, and I thought well I'm on the return journey now just gotta keep going!

Then by 18 minutes, the sun beating down on me, I felt I was struggling so much I needed to stop, but somehow I kept going. Soon Laura was telling I'd run 20 minutes, only 5 to go, and I thought only 5 to go I can do that! I seemed to get my breathing under control......FINALLY...... At about 22 minutes in! Then Laura was telling me only 60seconds left, why not try to go a bit faster for last minute, because it proves you do more even if you think your too tired, I almost laughed out loud, but thought hey it's only 60 seconds right? And then there I saw going faster right through to the end!! WOW, how did I just do that with legs of lead lol

When I got home I checked run keeper and to my complete surprise today is PB for me, the first time I got under 13 minutes, a 12.15 for my first I'm so pleased I forced myself to go with lead legs and even happier I managed to keep going!

So that's run 1 this week, just got to do it twice more before moving on πŸ˜€

16 Replies
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Brilliant mental resilience - well done. Lead legs is an issue for me right now as is the heat but I feel afterwards that I worked even harder and was more determined.

Well done :)

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LaineydglmGraduate in reply to Ejbirdy

Yeah I think maybe because my legs felt like lead and at the time I thought I was going soooo slow I ended up pushing harder just to keep moving lol and that meant I ended up running faster..... Maybe?


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know that ' lead legs' feeling well.. for ME it seems to happen most if I do run first thing in morning , seem to start off on ' empty' and get worse from there.. but well done on persevering... and on completing!!

but how can you run for 25 minutes.. AND set a fastest time for ' under 13 minutes'?

( don't USE run keeper, can you guess? ) but I'm sure very much congratulations on running it!

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LaineydglmGraduate in reply to Anaverageman

Sorry looks like I did a typo lol - must be the excitement of a PB - it's was the first time I ran a km in under 13 minutes πŸ˜€ my first Km was 12 minutes and 15 seconds πŸ˜€

I know compared to some I'm a snail lol but I'm still pleased with my time πŸ˜€

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EjbirdyGraduate in reply to Laineydglm

As you should be - your achievements are all that matter :)

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Brilliant. Laura is always there are the right time. You're a runner!

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LaineydglmGraduate in reply to Kasmcc100

Yeah I don't know that I would have done it if it was for the timely encouragement from Laura!

I think you're maybe right I might actually be a runner - blimey!!!!!

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well that's great. ( I'm sure) still WAY off worrying about times myself.. if i RUN a Km... that's a plus for me...

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LaineydglmGraduate in reply to Anaverageman

I wasn't really sure of my times, I knew I was slow lol, but wasn't sure of my speed. With everyone saying their times on here it made me wonder so I started using run keeper alongside the c25k app, just to see what speed I was runningπŸ˜€

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well I use the podcasts rather than app.. and they tend to crash with monotonous regularity, so never QUITE managed to run ' distance' app alongside it too

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LaineydglmGraduate in reply to Anaverageman

Sorry to hear the podcasts crash, that must be a nightmare!

Good luck for next run πŸ˜€

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AnaveragemanGraduate in reply to Laineydglm

Thanks, years of gym work had taught me that there are too many variables to work out in advance when you'll have a 'good one' or a ' bad one' ( lead legs) . However, it often seems to be as much mental as truly physical.. Sometimes you approach with fear or really feel not up to it.. And it goes surprisingly well , other times you feel really 'up for it' and have a lead legs day... Main thing is you completed it!

It's funny how some days your legs feel so strong and others they feel so heavy - I had a "lead leg" run last night too. I was happy just to get through mine - looks like you nailed your run too, so very well done!

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LaineydglmGraduate in reply to Ugifer

Thanks πŸ˜€

Ah you had legs of lead too huh, did you find it extra hard too?

Well done on getting through yours too!! Awesome!πŸ˜€

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Well done, I hope your next runs will be more pleasant. Little more than a month after graduation I still have rotten runs sometimes. Today I even cheated and stopped after 29.5 minutes ;-). Keep up the good work and don't try to get faster than you can comfortably run.

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LaineydglmGraduate in reply to sizexm

Thanks πŸ˜€ yeah I think I went faster because I felt the lead legs holding me back and making me slower lol, obviously it was all in my head lol hopefully Saturday I won't have lead legs and I'll just run at a comfortable pace and see where that takes me πŸ˜€

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