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w6r2 Bam!!


What a beautiful late autumn afternoon. Dimply had to leave the treadmill for just the second time in the programme for my w6r2 run. First five minutes tough as always and I certainly went slowly but after the 3 minute walk break felt good and even managed some mini fartleks from tree to tree although the fast intervals weren't much quicker than the slow ones! Certainly pleased when Laura said there were just 60 seconds left. Anyway that's done and dusted and that was the last interval run but if Laura says I can do it then I'm confident that I can. My next run will be in Prague and then I'm 2/3rds through!!

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Heyyyyy... Well done on escaping the treadmill! I found w6r2 harder than w6r3. But I did feel extra tired before it and energised afterwards 😸

steviej99Graduate in reply to Katnap

Yep I'm tired for sure but I like that post run feeling,!

KatnapGraduate in reply to steviej99



nice one you can do it


Good job... a fartlek is a fartlek as long as you had fun, there’s no mini by definition!

Laura says you can do it, everyone here says you can do it... it’s Nike time! You got this.

steviej99Graduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Ha thanks UNM!


Great to hear you’re making the most of this lovely weather we’re having Steve. Sounds like a good run. I did have to look up Fartlek as I initially thought it might be something to do with a tummy bug... very interesting I will find out more abou this. Have a great trip to Prague, you’re more than ready now! ⭐️😎

TartancatGraduate in reply to Hidden

I can't help it but fartleks always make me think of Rik Mayall in The Young Ones with his bottom burps (might be before your time!)

steviej99Graduate in reply to Tartancat

Haha Tartancat. Before my time? No not by a little long way unfortunately. Monty Python wasn't even before my time 😊😊

Hidden in reply to Tartancat

Haha! yes! I remember it well, I was only young when it came out, but dad was a huge fan so grew up with it on the box 😁

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