Couch to 5K

Finished Week 3 with a sprint !

Went to Parkrun this morning - and did final day of C25k Week3 as part of the timed 5K event. What with the 5 minutes before and after warmup/cooldown and the 18 minutes of the running/walking, I still had a little way to go to the finish line so I just continued a run/walk until I got to 100 metres from the finish line and finished with a fast sprint. I was actually amazed at how much energy I was able to pull out for the sprint after the 5ks - but I had run the C25K part at a slow pace. End of a good week for me.

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Well done! Was that your first parkrun? It's funny how we can find a little extra when the finish line is in sight. ;-)


No - that was about my 5th Parkrun. Mostly I have had quite enough at the end of the "race" - not knackered though! But this time, I could feel that I still had gas in the tank so I spent it!! :) I started out using 1:1 run/walk ratio at Parkrun - but lately I just use the same Run/walk ratio that the current week used. So, for example week 3 was 1.5:1.5 and 3:3 , so I programmed those intervals into Runkeeper on my phone. This next Saturday will be 3:1.5 and 5:2.5 intervals.


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