i did it, i did it, i did it! w5 r3, 20 mins non-stop, beautiful sunny, frosty morning.

Thank you all of you for your encouragement to 'trust the plan'. I stuck to the 3 runs (not done 6!) and went to the gym on the days off.....ran it no problem, walked for the five min cool down and then felt so pleased with myself i ran another 5 mins! time to go to work now, walking on air!

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  • Well done! I'm 3 weeks off that point yet but it's always great to see posts when people achieve it. It gives me hope!

  • Well what did everyone tell you? It works! Congratulations.

  • Congratulations cside! That's fantastic. Bit envious of your weather! It's just cold and rainy where I am! :o)

  • That's fantastic cside well done! x

  • congratulations on your 20 mins!!! The plan really does work!

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