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Problem with Week 3 on the app

Good morning

I have completed all of weeks 1 and 2 and moved on to week 3 day 1, however the app kept freezing and wouldn't work beyond this.

Did anyone else have this problem and how did you remedy it? I had to download the podcast instead which is a bit of a sod as I liked that I could listen to my own music with the app.

Any help greatly appreciated :)

Kind regards

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I havent had this problem, but have you tried deleting and then reinstalling the app? Sounds basic but always worth a shot!

Good luck and well dione for getting this far :)


I've had the same problem for all of the week 3 runs (completed run 3 today, yay!). I realised I must have been walking for well over 5 minutes but when I looked at the app it said I still had another 1 minute 30 seconds to go. It did start counting down again when I unlocked my phone and looked at the app and the rest of the run went as expected.

If you can, I'd suggest getting your phone out when you think you've hit 4 minutes into your warm up walk and just opening the app again although I know messing about with phones etc while walking is a pain!

Hope that helps!


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