NHS - Couch to 5k - brilliant idea!!

Hi I'm Bob and new here!

Had a health check a year ago and picked up a Couch to 5k leaflet.  I followed the App (thank you Laura) and got to running 5k in 7 weeks.  Been doing this three times a week ever since and was really chuffed when I broke 29 minutes recently.  I've lost a stone and apart from getting fit I've found it very motivating.  Ran when I was a teenager at Eton Manor in Leyton (who would have thought it would become part of the London Olympics site!). I gave up sport like a lot of people but I'm back now  - I'm 70 in July and really enjoying it.  

I've run on my own up to now but did the Sport Relief  3 mile recently and just joined up for the weekly Cambridge Parkrun.  I treated myself to a good pair of 'asics' trainers.  Compared to my old trainers the new ones are like running on air.  Good luck and keep r..u..n..n..i..n..g....  Best wishes Bob  


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  • Welcome Bob! 🙂

    Keep posting about your runs, we love to read about a good running adventure.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Bob  :)

    Glad you found the forum.

    Love hearing inspirational journeys and yours certainly is. Sub 30 is the stuff of my dreams lol!

  • Thanks jt24 for the kind welcome.  I know my way around emails but does this mean I'm now using social media!! If so I can now tick that particular techno milestone!  A friend has offered to sell me a Fitbit which should be interesting to fathom, if not enjoyable.  Up to now I've used 20 p coins which  I've moved from one pocket to the other to record how many laps I've run!  So if I can get my head or even my wrist around a Fitbit I will really feel that I've arrived in the 21st century.

    Good luck with your running and see you on the home straight with Mo left trailing in our wake. lol Bob

  • Hahaha Love that image! Obviously 70yrs young at heart😊👏👏👏

  • Hello Bob, I'm a cambridge park runner, not as quick as you mind. My other half is a bit quicker.  We will be there this Saturday, we love park run! Maybe we can meet up?


  • Well Madge that does it - I was wondering whether to start the park run this Saturday but you've made my mind up.  Just got my bar code through today so I'll be there.   Yes hope we can say.  Bobx

  • Fantastic, don't know if you know Milton Park, but usually as the park is a charity, car drivers pay £2 to park there, there will be volunteers collecting on the way in - you then don't need to buy a ticket at the machine, Tesco's is free,  or if you're a super fit triathlon type that cycles in, that's free 😄.    I really hope you like it, apart from Couch to 5K, park run really is the best invention ever!  If you fancy a hill (and I mean a proper one!) Wimpole Estate is your friend! 😩


  • Thanks for all the helpful info.  I'll be there - hope to say hello to you both.  Just done my 13 laps at Bottisham Village College - bit of a struggle this morning with the cold wind.  See you on Saurday - really looking forward to joining in. Bobx

  • Did you go Bob? We were there, I was tail runner, record breaking attendance, volunteering again this week, marshalling, so not running (doing wings for life world run on Sunday).  

    Hope you enjoyed it, and that we can catch up if you go again.


  • Hi Madge

    Yes, yes pleased to say I made my first appearance. What a great morning - couldn't believe the attendance  and what brilliant weather too.  

    Sonia, my wife, came along as my personal coach and wallet holder!!

    We got talking to a marshall - he's a Maths teacher at Linton College, you might, possibly, know him - he's was very helpful.  

    Didn't realise you are a volunteer - well done and thank you.  Great idea having a tail runner and also pacers too.  I lined up near the 30 minute pacer.  Finished in 29 mins 38 secs - well down the field but 5th in my age range, so was pleased really.  I run on a nice grass track at Bottisham College so the new venue with all the runners and its twists and turns and the some soggy spots made it a bit more challenging.

    One question Madge - with so many runners it took some time to shuffle through to the start line and get running.  Is everyone's time taken from when the elite runners set off at the front?

    We'll be there again this Saturday so, hopefully, we can all meet up and, perhaps, have a coffee afterwards.  We'll be outside the cafe about 8.45 to say hello unless you'll be out on the course, of course!!!

    See you Saturday - looks like being another nice day.

      Good luck, in advance, for your run on Sunday

    Bob xx

  • That's great, sorry we missed you, we'll look out for you this week.  

    The timing is from the start, (from 'go') so it's getting used to the best position for you in the field of runners and where you feel most comfortable.  Given there is lapping (for some of us!) and the course is a bit narrow in places it may take a few goes to get your most comfortable starting place. 

    Sometimes they put out markers for aimed finishing times.  29 minutes, that's great, quicker than me! I'm about 5 minutes behind you 😄.

    Look forward to seeing you Saturday

    Mary x

  • Thanks  Mary for the info - very helpful.  See you Saturday.


  • Thanks for posting Bob. Very inspirational! 

  • From one Bob to another, welcome 😀

  • Welcome, Bobalong!  You're an inspiration.

    Parkrun is fab - you'll love it.  Looking forward to hearing how you enjoy your first PR experience. 

  • A young lad then :) Brilliant post... hope for all of us ? :)

  • Well done Bob! It's a fantastic programme isn't it? 

    Never managed a 5k in under 30 minutes yet!

  • That's so encouraging. About to do Wk5 R3 tonight after work. 

  • Good luck CaitlinB.  It's super, isn't it, when you can complete run 3 and move onto the next week.  I found it gives you added confidence and a real good buzz.  Keep going and don't forget to shout out loud 'bloody well done' to yourself when you cross the line tonight!! 

  • Brilliant Bob, Welcome aboard !

    What a encouraging post, Well done you ! :-) xxx

  • Brilliant Bob, I do Cambridge PR sometimes with Madge when I'm home, perhaps we'll all meet up in the autumn x

  • Yes, that'll be great to say hello later in the year.  Have a super summer.


  • Well done Bob nowhere near that level yet but early days for me thanks for the support.

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