Nearly was a couch potato today.... but made it through W8R1! (trialing the new garmin!)

Well, i didn't do my planned early run, lack of motivation and a tuesday off work got the better of me! So eventually ran out of excuses when the rain dried up and the sun came out! Was lucky enough to be proud owner of Garmin Forerunner10, which i was going to save up for, but received a surprise cash bonus(Thanks dad! and ebay customer for buying his old lamp!)

Headed off not feeling very confident, especially as it was now 10.45 and lots of people around:( Headed on my usual(now boring) road route, first 5 mins felt really hard, legs were somewhat leaden and stiff, by ten minutes not so bad but decided NOT to run up high st at Shanklin as it would be busy that time of day!(not that confident in daylight yet!!) so veered off down a side road, not much enjoying the SPLOSH from a large car as it drove by and deposited a large puddle( that i hadn't noticed) right up to my head! "thanks alot for that" i thought-yuk! rank water on face! Oh well onwards and upwards, headed towards the cliff top park to see the beach below . A friendly old man with a handsome greyhound said "Morning, how are you doing?" .."ok, getting worn out!" i replied ..."you're getting there"! he said cheerfully so that was nice!:) Laura then said only 5mins to go, so kept on going stripping down to tshirt then having fun as forgot my mp3 attached to my jacket!OOPS! Still nearly there! managed to speed up towards the end, thought i heard clapping on the podcast...(thats a nice touch, i thought) BUT NO!, it was a man bashing a wooden pallet with a hammer!!! Does this running lark make me even more silly! still it would be nice to be clapped in the last few minutes! Made it to the end HORRAY! walked home it was a bit longer than podcast so put on my new rockmyrun music and ended to "eye of the tiger"!!!

I was definately sweating well, had actual proper drips running down my back!! Legs and breathing ok though.

So when uploaded info i had done 3.52 miles in 44.41 mins, pacing not fast but i can improve! best of all burnt 380 calories!!

Happy running and keep on posting everyone!

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  • I did a reply to your post but it disappeared. Doh!

    Needless to say, very well done. You're nearly there. I,m so jealous that you got a Garmin

  • thankyou, i'm feeling tired now.Can't say its easy yet! the garmin is pretty cool! usually i would have to save up for gadgets and my job pays pretty poorly :( so it was lovely to get treated! it was 81 on ebay with free postage so a good price :)

  • You missed out the really important info...what colour garmin did you get? :D

  • i' m afraid just a boring black one! was the best deal on ebay! but i do like the green ones!

  • Worth the good price! I've found mine really helped my running. I'm currently pacing myself with just walking as I recover from surgery, but it's being really useful to push myself a little further every few days.

  • well done enjoy the garmin love mine and yes what colour

  • thankyou! yes its good, i like seeing the route and how fast(or slow!) you go ,its just aplain black one!

  • A wooden pallet with a hammer! Ha. Yes we all need someone clapping us at the end of reach run. Well done.

  • the sad thing is i really did think it was on the mp3...Dur! made me laugh tho !

  • I would have too. If only he knew. :-D I need someone to clap me when I go out and come home.

  • i think i was so focused on getting through those last few minutes i was in a zone but prob not the running one just the keep on going one!

  • Great post. You're nearly finished, not long to go. My next run W7 R3 is on Friday. Eeek. If not then, then on Sunday. Happy running! :-D

  • Good luck on your runs! its good to have some flexibility in the days! happy running to you too!:)

  • Well done Aliboo! Can't believe we are nearly there, I did W8R2 today , it was a cracker! Keep posting x

  • Thats good news! well done on your 2nd run, its still quite hard! Was thinking today about what i will do after week 9, think i'll do a few more weeks on5k runs, don't think i will move on too fast til i feel ok with them:)

  • I notice that the Garmins are priced according to colour! Tut I want a pink one. Mind you I quite like the lime. But then, thinking about, my trackies are black, but then I have a lilac top. Decisions, decisions. LOL

  • i liked the lime too! you are very good being colour co-ordinated! You sound as decisive a person as me!or is it just the garmin!? doing tues, fri, sun for my 3 runs this week, still a bit achy from yesterday!

  • Good luck Aliboo - I am on wk 9 by accident (pressed the wrong podcast at the weekend!) so thought I may as well continue with week 9. I did run 2 yesterday, it's okay and being a plodder I felt like I had more to go. I not sure though if I complete my next run tomorrow - does that mean I am a graduate? Thank you for the rock my run app and another runner has recommended a bluefin bridge to 10k app which seems the next step onwards. Not long to go now - keep running and imagine a big round of applause at the end- even it it is really another pallet smashing :)

  • Thats really good, glad you are doing well! so you'll be a graduate! that deserves a clap! Cue bashing hammer man!!:)

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