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The run of the living dead ( week 8 run 1)

Ok, really really bad run...heres why:

1. No running buddy ( he had his best friend to play)

2. Mount everest to run up at the beginning. I was already knackered when laura said 'thats 5 minutes done'

3. sore knees

4. Played 'chicken' with a hoodie on a bike on a very narrow pavement. We eyeballed each other, I kept running straight towards him assuming he'd go on the road. such luck, he nearly ran me over, I swerved, then stopped, then started really swearing at him, then I started crying as I was upset and no longer running. Then panicked and thought he might come after me, so I thought I ought to run by default I continued the run.

5. Complex stuff at work really playing on my mind so I was heavy headed.

However I eventually heard Laura say 'last 5 mins' and just carried on...that was soooo hard.I feel flat and worried about carrying on. I only did 4.3k so I am nowhere near the 5 needed for next week. I am now going to have a glass of wine, and look forward to going to the lido tomorrow for a lovely swim as giving myself the weekend off running.

Have a relaxing weekend everyone, julia x

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Oh dear, sounds like you deserve that glass of wine! Stop worrying about the distance and focus on what you do well - which is having the get up and go to get out there and run. The rest will come as and when your body lets you. 4.3K is more than you could do when you started.

I love a good swim, it helps me to switch off and shut out the world, so enjoy your swim.

Good luck with the next run. :-) :-)


That is so funny, we left comments at the same time!!!! and thankyou, lovely words, you too :)


LOL.. Laughed at the cyclist story. You should do that more often if it helps complete your runs

All the best for the 5K next week


Blimey, what's all this about 5k needed next week? I graduated 2 months ago, and my 5k today took me 47 minutes. At 30 minutes I'd just got to 3.33k. You are speeding ahead!

The hoodie episode sounds horrible. Hugs for that.



Enjoy the vino, and chill completely for the weekend! The challenge can wait and the biking hoodie might be arrested! Congratulations on completing a grotty run while your head was somewhere else. R E L A X too. We'll be here next week for you too! Cheers, Linda x ;)


Well done - I hope you enjoyed your wine. Horrible hoodie - I think that would have spurred me on too. 4.3 K is fab - I'm sure the 5K will come later. :)


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