Marathon Training - Week 2- It doesn't matter it's only rain!!

There I am on to week 2 training ( according to another site I follow - only 96 days to London Marathon - Tick tock). The programme I am following also gives mental support and strategies to just keep going. The first weeks message was about your glass being half full and locus of control - that is, what ever we do is within ourselves.

This weeks mantra is - 'it doesn't matter'...if it rains, you don't feel like it, you have had a bad day etc. As many of you will testify last week was a testing week with the weather- so I really had to deploy the 'it doesn't matter' strategy. My total run for the week was 16 miles as follows:

R1-New years Eve- 5k - fast hill interval run - very buzzy. Sober New year eve...another story...

R2-New Years Day 6k - very very wet and windy - went out with a mate - both of us too stubborn to back down- soggy trail run - but felt very pleased to have completed.

R3-5k ha ha - funny run- lightening to start with- then hailstones stinging my face and hands - but it doesn't just made me run faster.

R4-10k. To be honest not a great run - perfectly fine conditions. Had had words with Mr SB - which spoilt my karma. But the second 5k much stronger and fantastic running along the crashing sea shore line.

Onto week 3. I try not to think too hard about the task in hand- as I could easily be daunted. I am taking the same approach to this as I did with c25k - I just have faith in the programme and follow it as best I can.

Happy running everyone - thanks for reading :-)


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14 Replies

  • How fantastic running the London marathon ! Bet your excited I would be . Something to work towards ,& if anything what better . I'd love to do something like that . I only graduated end of November & am injured at moment but would love love to do it . Did you do other races like 10 K before this & do you think I'd be too old at 55 ?

  • Hi Rockette - i have been following your posts and being injured is rotten. But you seem to remain cheerful and encouraging us - so that is fab- thank you. I don't think 55 is too late - dare i say it -it is all in the mind - it certainly was for me - it was like a switch going over from shan't/can't - to yes I can. Touch wood i have not been plagued by injury yet. I know a runner who didn't start running until her early 50's - she now does at least one marathon a year and a couple of half marathons and not shabby times either- - she is now 63! Yes i have done some 10k runs and would do a half if one convenient near me - but there isn't. So hum hum plod on :-)

    Hope you recover soon.xx

  • Thanks suzybenj I may run one yet .

  • Looking forward to reading your training posts

  • Fantastic. Really well done. I read recently that only 1% of the population will ever run a marathon. You should think about this when you're training. Go girl!

  • Thank you - I will go girl. And that little statistic is very motivating - I will beposting that on the marathon community i am a member of :-)

  • Well done.

    I've just finished reading 'Keep on running- the highs and lows of a Marathon addict' by Phil Hewitt. Well worth reading and very amusing. You might find it helpful.

  • I enjoyed that book

  • Thank you for your support and the book recommendation - I will check it out :-)

  • Not that I have any desire to run a marathon but also read the book last week - someone recommended it on this site (and a cheap ebook) it is really good and I think you will find some useful tips.

  • Thanks - am convinced - book ordered. not sure I will be Marathon addict tho :-)

  • Suzybenj, you make me feel like a wimp, dodging out of runs cos it's raining and only managing about two runs a week, while you are pushing the bounds. Excellent and inspiring stuff. I am considering this phase of my running as winter consolidation, one (occasionally two) 5k run(s) and one 12k hill training run per week, but thoroughly enjoying it. I've looked deep into my soul and can't find the desire to do a marathon, unless, MAYBE, it is off road. So I admire your courage and conviction and I am following your progress with interest. Go girl, you are doing great.

  • Thanks - your kind words of support, encouragement and interest mean a lot. And I kind of need a goal to make me get out there - otherwise I would find all sorts of excuses not to run. Week 3 commenced today- out today imbetween showers. I too have my fair weather days- R2 will be at Gym - weather looks abysmal tomorrow :-)

  • It's alright before sunrise for me, so another headtorch lit wade through the mud. I love it!

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