Week 4... Fearing the worst!

Hi! Newbie to the forum here.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any useful tips for Week 4? I repeated Week 3 (I have an ankle held together by metal pins, and it wasn't enjoying the running and the cold too much!), and yesterday completed W3R3 for the 2nd time, and it felt better that ever, if still exhausting!

However, I'm really a bit scared about W4. Looking at the length of the runs, and the shortness of the walks, I'm really not sure I'll be able to do it!

Any tips/hints/advice/motivation?




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  • Hi & welcome to the forum. All I can say is I felt exactly the same as you, and it is all a challenge but do-able for sure. Just stay positive and I found by slowing down it is ok. Don't be worried- go for it! Repeat if you need to and keep checking back on here for some inspiration. It works! Good luck x

  • Haha it feels like there's no way on earth I could go any slower, but I'll take your word for it! It's not that I don't trust the podcast as such.. Just that it feels like such a HUGE step up, and although I was managing week 3 every run, I was struggling! I guess it isn't supposed to be easy... I'll keep you updated tomorrow!!

  • Hi BethRF, I feel exactly the same as you, i finished week three today and am due to start week four on my next run and am wondering how I will manage it! I always tell myself on the running part that however I feel I will just keep plodding - sometimes I think my walking is faster than my running! Come on you will be able to do it! I am amazed each time I get through a podcast and still cant quite imagine running for 30 mins but I have felt an improvement and hopefully you have too. Keep it up! I don't think i'll be out again until sunday due to work, but post how you get on.

  • With the ability to repeat runs being absolutely condoned, you should not feel any fear or pressure. Just get out there and give it your best, knowing that thousands have felt exactly the same as you at your stage and gone on to complete the programme and become committed runners. It works and changes lives. Congratulations on getting to Week three and believe that it has prepared you for Week four.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Another newbie here! I'll be doing W3R3 tomorrow and I too am convinced W4 will be beyond me! However, I also know that two weeks ago, I felt the same about running for three minutes! It's good to know that everyone seems to go through the same thing but somehow finds a way to accomplish the next step - that's the thought I will keep in my head!

    Good luck and keep going!

  • Thanks for all the great feedback and advice everyone. Its really lovely how supportive everyone is! Best of luck, Ginger and Spanner- let's all keep each other updated! Xx

  • I found the first run of week 4 okay, but then I got all overconfident - tried pushing myself harder on the second run and it was awful! I was totally out of breath and had painful stitch for the entirety of the final 5 minutes. That said, I still managed to finish it and I knew to take a more steady pace for the next run, so it was a good lesson at least. I'm on week 6 now so I survived!

    Don't be scared, just give it a go, take it slow and steady and see how you fare :)

  • I did it guys! There were moments in that last 5 minutes where I really thought I wouldn't, but I made it! I'm not sure you can call that last minute or so 'running', to be fair, but it definitely wasn't walking!! I'm pretty proud, I have to say. And stupidly enough, being able to let you guys know was part of what kept me going.So if I can do it- any of you can.

    Now time for a very long bath, I reckon.

    B x

  • Also, I don't know if any of you who haven't done W4 yet use a run tracking app, but I'd highly recommend it. I got a huge boost at the end from seeing my improved speed. I'm sure it's just due to less walking more running, but it really made me feel good. And after all, that's what this is all about, I guess!!

  • Woo Hoo! Well done BethRF! I bet that bath felt good! Will be out this evening when my husband gets home (he's my running buddy) to complete W3 - probably in the pouring rain! Am strangely looking forward to it!! X

  • That bath felt amazing, I have to say. For the first time since Week 1 I can feel my muscles getting a bit stiff- I think the stairs may pose a challenge tomorrow! Good luck finishing off Week 3- go knock it dead and head in to Week 4 feeling positive. x

  • Well done Beth! You are getting out there despite your ankle and doing it! This really does work and have faith in you! I am at week 8 run 3 tomorrow and loving every minute! I am very slow and have no idea what distance I am covering. Being a bit of a tech phob, I do not know how to listen to Laura and use a running app at the same time. Any help would be appreciated. Hope you do not feel too stiff, stretch well to prepare for your next run. :)

  • Sorry I completely forgot this was here! A bit dense, and a lot of work on at the moment. Running app-wise, I use MapMyRun. I just open it up and get it started on recording my 'workout', then minimise the tab and open up my music folder, et voila!- Laura!

    Going out to do the final run of week 4 this afternoon. Half a mind to skip it- run 1 of week 5 looks easier to me!!

    B x

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