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Week 4 and struggling

Hi guys,

I’m sat on my sofa trying to gear myself up for week 4 run 1. Wondered if anyone had any tips for some motivation please?



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So Aliblat9. Let's clear out some of the obvious things - do you feel okay physically? Have you got your kit on? Are you fully recovered from the last time out? Assuming all the above are okay and you aren't in any health or safety predicaments, I think we have a case of mo-joitis.

Mo-jos are very fragile beasts and are easily dissuaded from running. However one sure fire way of getting them back on song, is just to go out for the run. Seriously, open the door and go out and just start the warm up and then probably like most of us do, you'll continue with the run.

Remind yourself of the personal motivation you have for doing the programme - that always worked for me. Running is a bit up and down, you don't always have fab runs and sometimes you just don't feel like it. But honestly I've never regretted doing a run, but I've regretted the times I just moulded into my sofa and didn't go out - that's an even harder habit to break.

I am sure someone substantially wiser than me, said it takes about 10 weeks to re-programme your bod and get into a new habit (if I have the time frame wrong I apologise), so now you are right in the middle of the fight to keep going with your new habit. Oh and you're doing this in Winter and let's be honest it's not the most wonderful weather to encourage you either.

None of us can make you get inspired or motivated to do the run - only you can. But one thing we spot over many posts is that when someone asks the question, they do actually want to do the run, they're just looking for some friendly support. So good on you for posting, and if you don't mind carrying me virtually on your shoulders, I'm with you all the way.

Happy running and good luck with the first run of W4.


What motivates me is myself, the way I see it is I have 2 choices 1. Sit on the sofa and carry on being depressed, feeling sorry for myself. Or 2. Force myself to go out and run, for a healthier me.


Don't think about it. Don't debate. Don't give yourself the option....Just do it!


Only you can do this...why did you start...what did you think this might do for you...?

I started this, to get rid of the sluggish feeling which 7 hedonistic weeks in France left me with.. that and heart health... amazingly after I began... I discovered I absolutely loved it.. it freed my mind, my body, reawakened my creative spirit...

I run and I ramble about it in my posts...Now. it has become a part of my life...not all consuming, but an essential part.

What do you want from your journey ?

So...lift up those running shoes.. the gremlins hide under them..they loathe running...go out of the door.. and just run...

" The first step towards getting somewhere, is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are."


I did it guys! I wore my “just do it” tshirt and got up and out of the house. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be!

Thanks for all the support and now I’m looking forward to the rest of week 4 and beyonddddd!


See! You could do it and look how good it felt. Remember that next time you're wavering 👍😁


Well done you, honestly the worst bit is always getting out of the door. Once I am out there, my head says, well I might as well run then. Blooming well done and good luck for rest of the week. Oh and thanks for carrying me virtually - I enjoyed the views... :)

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Yes! I just do it! Don’t think, just do It’s always fine once you get out there 😁💪👍🏃‍♀️


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