Week6 Run3. You made me do it!

I was so not going to do it today. I'd already stretched the rest days to 3. 'One more won't make any difference...'

25 mins felt like so much and I ought to feel on top form before I start.. Fellow procrastinators will know what I mean! So decision made not to do it, settled on couch with coffee and laptop, accidentally clicked on this site... A few minutes later I was so buoyed up by those Week6 posts I was out there.. Reader, I did it!

THANK YOU. I even managed the increase in pace for the last 60 secs.... And experienced a few moments of a settled, non-thinking rhythm. I am officially a runner.

('Sfunny how straight after a run I can't wait to go out again, then 2 days later those procrastinator gremlins attack once more)

Happy today!

Hope everyone has good runs today... :) :) :) xxxx

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  • Well done Jaqs! You've done really well. Isn't it amazing this forum just makes people want to get up and go. Good luck with your future runs- runner! x

  • Hee hee. Thank you NoExcuse. Hope alls going to plan for you too? :)

  • Yes all good at the moment thanks- W7R3 tomorrow all being well- will keep you posted! x

  • Well done. I find I have o kick myself into action some days. At the moment the hubby is doing it for me. He questions me if I', not running. Enjoy W7

  • Hubby kicking you does sound a good motivation! LOL

    I remember a fitness trainer friend saying about motivation .. 'Actually you don't have to wait until you want to....( insert fitness activity name here).....!'

    Hope the kickingg's working?!

  • Well done Jaqs! It's good isn't it? Keep going and welcome to week 7 xxxx

  • Yep. It's still feeling good. Thank you! Week 7 here I come... ( until Fri when I'm sure I'll have some reason or other to put it off til Sat!)

  • Ha ha - I feel exactly like that too!! But congratulations on finishing week 6, you must be very proud :) I'm doing W6R3 tonight so hope I can do as well as you. Let me know how week 7 goes!!

  • Ooh. Good luck with yours. Don't put it off! Let me know how you get on. :)

  • Did R3 tonight & it was a challenge but I did it! The first 15 mins were hard but seemed to find a good rhythm for the last 10. Only 3 weeks left for us now - scary!!

  • Well done you. I find the first bit hard every time. Maybe it's warm up stuff happening. It's difficult to convince myself that I might feel better later in the run, I always think that's it, this is the one where I discover I can't do it!

    I guess that more experience of getting through the early bit will build confidence. Anyway. Great job. 25 mins! You're a runner! X

  • I know EXACTLY what you mean - I think the same on every run!! Yay! Go us runners!!! :)

  • W7R1 just done. I was nervous again that this would be the one that found me out as a non runner, but I managed it. Not very enjoyable until near the end but I've got to be pleased with having done it and trust that the next time will feel more 'runny' if you know what I mean?!

    Good luck with yours.., keep me posted. :)

  • Well done - sounds like you did really well. This programme is very good at getting us to do stuff that we think we can't! Am starting week 7 tomorrow, will keep you posted. Hope you're enjoying a well deserved rest now :)

  • You sound like me! Yes this forum is a great motivator! I've just been out in the wind and rain and tho it was hard i feel glad i made the effort! just finished week 7........................... Good luck for your next runs..............

  • Well done aliboo. Week7 done eh?! Congratulations. I've just started reading Run Like A Girl as someone recommended. It's fun and inspiring. I'm trying to keep up the motivation on rest days now too so that I don't start procrastinating so much. Good luck with Week8. Wow, that's nearly graduation!

  • thats funny, i've just reserved that book at the library last night! lots of people say that its good! I did about 4 miles walking the dog yesterday on rest day, maybe thats doing me some good?! Graduation! yes hopefully not far off, tho don't think i could have done those extra 5 mins today!!

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