week 7, run 1

just completed week 7, run 1. Gotta be honest here, still got a bit of the lurgy left and hacking up a kidney every few minutes, but this wasn't too bad. Don't get me wrong, not easy and about 8 minutes in i really started to feel it. Very strange though because with 10 to go i sort of 'perked up' a bit! Anyone else feel rough at the start but better 3/4 of the way through? Garmin said in total (including the 5 mins warm up and warm down), I completed 2.7miles. Now i know that's not brilliant, but my aim is to do a 5k in under 30 mins, so i don't think i'm a million miles off. Getting a tad bored of the music too. I'm still very much enjoying Lauras words of encouragement, but the music??? Not the best!! A small price to pay for a great 5k schedule!! Keep at it folks..i'm 40 in May, 3 stone overweight, just been diagnosed with diabetes.....and i'm loving it!! And with the sun shining today...does it get any better?? Happy running :))


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  • Well done Pricey! Glad you're back out there. I find the first minutes really really hard and the rest is just hard but a bit more comfortable. When Laura says 'that's 5 minutes done' I feel as though I have been running for ever and cannot believe that I can go on any further. Then I get the halfway announcement and think 'right, there is no way I am going to stop now' and somehow I just get on and do it. I think I need Laura's encouragement to keep going, the music well, what can I say! I did W7R2 yesterday. Speed I will work on later, I am 53 and jogging around slowly but I agree it is great to be out there. Enjoy your running.

  • Thank you. I'm never going to win any races but speed is not my aim, it's stamina and distance. Run 2 on Friday. Good luck to you!

  • I completed W6R3 today and yes, I definitely felt like that. The first half was horrible but I carried on and managed it, and was feeling good by the end of it :)

  • I just discovered that you can download C25K in iphone apps... the great thing about it is that you get just Laura's countdown and NO music! You can even add your own playlist from iTunes if you want to. It has a great visual countdown bar which puts each section of the run in to sections (e.g. warm up, run, cool down). I am sure there must be the equivalent on android phones. I just typed in NHS c25k and the thumbnail comes up with a yellow background with the nhs cartoon people on. Says something like NHS live well couch to 5k so you know its the right one. I much prefer it to the podcasts... Well done by the way :)

  • Thanks for that

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