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Week 7 run 1 and something weird happened

Was running along in the cold and damp this morning and had got up to about 23 minutes when something inside me said "you can keep going longer you know" and so I did! Am using the Cool Runnings App with Robert from California and have to say his music choice this morning was not my choice at all and so maybe that spurred me on.

I did more than 5k :-) don't know how much as couldn't remember exactly how far I walked in the warm up part and I couldn't mentally add on the 3.12 ish miles but total distance for 35 minutes was 3.77 miles :-)

Am thinking of just running using the Nike plus thing and my music on Wednesday and seeing what happens

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I am just back from the same run (or maybe it was a rerun of Wk6r3 which I stuttered on!!- I haven't decided yet) and after struggling on the first part of the run I had the same thought towards the end of my run today - but didn't have the guts to do it (and think I maybe really wanted to end on the "high" of really managing the 25 minute run for the first time!!)

Real admiration to you for running on though - well done


Does the Nike Plus thingy work ? (techno idiot) Have just finished Week 5 and to my utter astonishment did the 20 min run yesterday without dying at the end, although I was profoundly scared before doing it. I smiled so broadly for the last 2 minutes people coming the other way gave me odd looks. But I now know exactly what you mean about thinking 'i don't want to stop' ... One technique I've found is not to run in a circle, but in a straight line, and not to turn around half way. So I'm a long way from home and I'm forced to walk back. I've found I want to get home sooner, so I go back to to the previous week's podcast and do means I keep running, get home sooner, and my ' Acheivement Rating Smugness' ARS ... is higher! ...


I had a little stutter today at my turnaround point, so maybe this would work for me too! Just keep running in one direction, then the longer walk home wont do any harm either.


It really worked for me, when I found the 2nd run of week three 3 incredibly difficult.. I didin't think I was going to survive, and kept wishing for the halfway turnaround point . .... then i got distracted thinking about work and missed the halfway point all togerther...Before I knew it, the podcast was at the final walk and I had to walk all the way home. What surprised me most was when I went back to the week before's podcast almost accidentally to find more music to help me walk home, as soon as the 'running music' started and Laura said 'go.... you can do this ' I couldn't stop myself - I responded without question, almost reflex response.... It was that moment I knew I could do this. I takes choice (the devil's invention) away from you and makes it so much easier.


I thought about doing that aswell. Getting a bit bored with the music but I think the tempo keeps you at the right pace. Am going to make up a running playlist for my ipod.

for now Think i still need Laura's words of encouragement.


Trying to decide what to do tomorrow - think I'll go back to 25 min but am going to use my own music and find out how far I go - will walk to the first song and then set my nike plus going for 25 minutes.

Not sure what sort of route to do - I tend to do something different each time in and around my village. I prefer routes where I go all the way round so might try for one of them. Will hopefully report back tomorrow in another blog post :-)


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