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Sorry if this is a common question I've had a little look to see if its been poster before

I'm just rerunning week 4, my running partner has gone away for the week and I didn't want to move in without her, .. I'm finding the run ok ..

But I feel so heavy on my feet, almost like I need to relax when I run, it's difficult to explain, but I feel like I'm running stiff .. I don't seem to be running fast, so slowing down isn't really an option, and I can't go any faster. But I'm completing the 16 min run and my top half is feeling ok, it's my bottom half that's my concern, my legs are like lead,.. . Has anyone else experienced this??

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First of all slow and steady wins the race second of all slowing down IS an option

slow down anytime you feel like it listen to your body you will be fine you got this. Speed will come. Just stay consistent and no don't wait for your partner otherwise you will always have to wait. ...And make sure you are stretching. ..hopes this helps. ..Congrats for being on week4!


i agree make sure you warm up and try to relax


It sounds as if you are doing really well so far even with the "heavy legs"! If this is happening toward the end of a run, your legs could simply be tired.

As Turtle525 says, make sure you stretch after each run and on rest days try yoga or Pilates as these are great for your core. A strong core makes running feel "lighter".

Also, make sure you are "fuelling" your body adequately before a run with the right food and water.

But really well done and happy running!


Good question Ria I know exactly what you mean. For me parts of weeks 3 & 4 have felt like all the forces in the cosmos are focused on my thunderous thighs and have been determined to increase the gravitational pull between my legs and the track. That lead feeling is horrible. I fix on Laura say 'just a light jog' and try to put the image of my feet being feathers in my head. It's weird what you do in your head to help you through, or is that just me?:-)

Good luck and have a good week until your buddy returns.


I find that I naturally tense up my legs, and have to think about loosening them now and again whilst running. It's not an easy thing to describe, but it involves just relaxing the leg/foot muscles (whilst still keeping on running). I think being aware of your muscles being tight is the first step, and the second is breathing out, and letting your muscles relax. Easier said than done, I know. I've found (you'll be glad to hear) it gets better as you build endurance.

Well done this far, and good luck!


Before I say anything, I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but, because I have dodgy knees, I have been reading a lot about where you "strike" on your foot. You might find that you feel lighter on your feet if you try to mid strike rather than heel strike. Be warned, though, that this can be harder on your calf muscles so take it slowly at first, but I have found it definitely helps my knees and general running ability. There is a lot of information out there, so just do a Google search if you think this is something that might help. Good luck!


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