I just can't do it !

After running the R.F.L 3 wk ago & a park run shortly after , my calves where suddenly very sore & my legs felt like lead . I posted that I was giving up running , but I can't ! That's the top & bottom of it . So after two & a half week of no running & legs still feeling like lead but no soreness . I have just run a very steady 5k . So pleased I managed it because I had my doubts . It's part of my life now & I know there's no way I can give it up . Yes I'm well & truly addicted .


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19 Replies

  • Yay! We all have bad times with running where we miss a week here or there because we just don't want to go out and then suddenly we just can't not go out :) best just go with your feelings at the time x

  • Thank goodness. So glad you carrying on Rockette. Think we all have blips , some harder to get over than others This running is one addiction that's good for us.

  • Oh Rockette , I am so so pleased for you :-) Glad to have you back, its a true roller coaster ride isn't it , but once it gets into your blood that's it and the thought of never doing it again makes me want to weep to be honest :-)

    Glad you came through unscathed and you enjoyed it, heres to the next one , Cheers ! :-) xxx

  • Good for you - and many a happy run to come!

  • That's good to hear! Maybe a little break is what you needed. Welcome back

  • Yikes, I missed that last post ... Am very glad you have changed your mind though. I think it helps to Just take it easy and don't put any pressure on yourself. I ran listening to a podcast of a radio 4 play the other day, didn't even hit 5mph but it was a nice easy run and I thoroughly enjoyed it. No strain, no pain - apart from a bit stiff after ( but maybe that's unavoidable). Hope your legs ease a bit soon :)

  • So glad you got back out there. This running business does get a hold of you doesn't it! I do hope you stay injury free. Happy running :) as it has been said on here before: onwards :)

  • Great to hear you're back on the wagon Rockette! It's the best sort of addiction.

  • Hi Rockette Glad you're back as it's not the same without you me old pal! We've been through a lot together! LOL Remember when we both had crocked ankles? Ha ha

    If you run when you feel like it Rockette then that's fine. We don't have to wear ourselves out do we

  • Hey Rockette, I must have missed your last post, so reading this one came as a big surprise!! I'm so happy you've decided not to hang up your capris. This been injured business is completely rubbish but I absolutely know what you mean about being addicted. I'm so pleased you managed to run your steady 5k without injury. It's just the confidence boost you needed and hopefully the first of many many more lovely runs :)

    After reading Aussie's recent posts, I'm more and more convinced that the way to run, for most people, is slowly. There are lots of fast people on here but I'm never going to be one of them. If, and it is an if, I manage to get back to running, it will be all about the slow run for the sheer joy of it. xx

  • Welcome back, so glad to hear you are back on board and well done at doing an excellent 5km. Sometimes this running is a bit of love hate relationship.....but the thought of not doing it is too much to bear!

    Happy & healthy running to you.

  • Whoop whoop! So glad you're back running! Just take things steady Rockette we don't want you out of action any more, got it! x :-D

  • You need to stretch a lot and regularly it seems... that will help. if possible go for a sports/deep tissue massage....

  • Also rest is as important as running itself.. just cos you can cover a certain distance in a certain time one day, does not mean you can do the same everytime. Chin up...keep running..

  • I did a seriously slow run yesterday but enjoyed it and thats what it is about ultimately.

  • Hehe, I sort of knew you couldn't give it up, your just as hooked as the rest of us. Some days though are so difficult. My calves have been playing up something terrible, but I have realised its my glutes that need stretching more than the calves. I am running with my calves as the main muscles if that makes sense. They are not built for that. Just a couple of glutes stetches every day has helped. Great to see you back.

  • We'll done Rockette

    Should be very proud of yourself, getting off that couch especially after an injury.

    Onwards and keep running

    We'll done

  • Great news, I'm so glad you aren't throwing away all that hard work.

    Isn't it funny how starting was so difficult and now we miss it if we don't run!

    I like this addiction

  • If I remember rightly we graduated in the same week.

    Having been injured myself now ( and 'cos I'm mid-forties!) I take time off if I get the slightest niggle - that I know is more than a 'to be expected aching muscle'. I do find when I start again I get a leaden leg type feeling sometimes too - I'm pretty certain now that it's lactic acid and it soon goes once you've got back into the swing of things.

    I'm addicted too, but am slowly getting over the all the 'must dos' I set myself :-)

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