Bit the bullet and headed out for my first ever 10k!

Bit the bullet and headed out for my first ever 10k!

I have been increasing my distances gradually since I graduated 4 weeks ago and today I headed out for my first ever 10k.

I have been running a couple of 4 and 5 mile runs each week and both my running partner/hubby and running club have told me I'm ready to go for the 10k but I have been apprehensive to go for it. But not today :)

The weather on the south coast is much like the rest of the UK wet, windy and water logged and today was no different but as I got my running things on I just accepted that it was going to be a wet and blowy run but it was ok because once I get back home I can have a long soak in a hot bubbly bath before the kids get home from school. It's half term next week so I know things would have kept cropping up and getting in the way if I put it off so I went for it.

I got caught a couple of times when crossing the road but I arrived back home in 1 hour and 3 minutes which I am over the moon about! It has given me such a boost to my running confidence, such an unbelievable feeling. I feel fantastic, it has to be one of the best valentines present ever :)

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  • Fantastic well done . You must be extremely proud to have come so far . Great pic

  • Thank you Rockette. I feel amazing, it's such a nice feeling to see and feel the changes to my running ability. This plan set me up so well and my running is going from strength to strength.

  • That. Is. In-cred-ible!! Well done JennyJenJen. I am soooo impressed. I've been trying to get to the 10K distance but can't seem to get past 7 at the moment. But really well done and HAppy Valentines Day!

  • Thanks Dan. Happy valentines to you too.

  • That is so good JenJen. You have progressed much further than me since graduating. I can't seem to get in to the bridge to 10K thing but I have enrolled in a local running club 5-10K course when I get back to the UK in April and hope that will do it. When did you join your running club and does it help? I 'm looking forward to it but also afraid I'll be discouraged by always being the tail-end Charlie.

  • I joined my running club about 6 weeks ago. It's such a nice group and no matter what your pace they have someone that will run with you. A lot of the marathon runners aren't bothered about speed but more getting miles under their belt and are great as running partners because they have a wealth of information that they are happy to share. I started increasing mileage, starting at 3 miles and adding half a mile every week and trying to get one or two longer runs in. It soon built up, plus like the c25k plan because it was a small increase mentally I just kept telling myself that I could do it.

  • I think that's what my course is going to do. In the meantime I have sort of got hooked on increasing my speed. I want to reach the magic 60 per cent age-grade score if I can before I go beyond 5K. Don't know why really. It's just a fixation I have. Well, it's 7.30 am here and the sky is blue and the seagulls are crying. Time to gird my loins and head out around the estuary!

  • 5K in 37.85. I cracked the magic 38 minutes! I guess those painful hill runs around the farm have finally paid off...

  • Thats a brilliant time. Well done Turnturtle.

  • Thanks Jen.

  • Well done Jen!

  • Thank you

  • Wow. 10k in 63mins only 4 weeks after graduating. That sounds pretty impressive to me. How fit were you when you started C25K? And what was your 5k time at graduation? I ask because I am trying to work out if a 25min 5k is realistic for me at the end of C25K.

  • I couldn't even run for a minute when I started Chris. My 5k time at graduation was 30.23, and I've got it down to 29.17 but to be fair I haven't really focused on speed for me it's been about endurance and distance. I've found as I've increased my distance my 5k speed has become quicker too.

  • Gosh. Well done you. And what an excellent recommendation for the C25K programme. Are you following another programme to 10K?

  • I did start to follow one but I began to get disheartened but the lack of progress I was making so decided to follow my running clubs advice and I have just listened to my body and it seems to have worked :)

  • Thats a fab picture and what a great time too... I hope you had a fantastic evening celebrating? Well done!!!!

  • Thanks Juicyju, I had a lovely evening :)

  • Wow that is fantastic! and I love the pic. I see from your reply to ChrisL that you couldn't run a minute when you started. That is such an achievement and makes me believe that one day I will be able to do that.

  • Fantastic! Good photo too! I can only dream of both a 10k and a time like that :) lovely post!

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