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Wk 7 run 1 done!

Couldn't wait for the rain to settle any longer and proceeded to run. The wind was so strong and I have to admit that when Laura said I was halfway through I turned around to run so the wind was at the back of me. Despite the weather it is getting easier my breathing is sorted and my legs no longer feel they want to give way. The only thing that really bothers me is a continuous lump of phlegm that get stuck in my throat- happens every time. Just wondered if anyone else suffers from this? Glad to have a rest day but can't wait for run 2 now!

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Well done for getting out in this wind!

Ah, the old phlegm problem... Not for the squeamish, but I'm afraid I cough it up and eject with a good spit. Not nice I know, but then I do run along country tracks and seldom see anyone else...


Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one! Guess I am going have to learn this finery!! hehe :)


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