Wk 7 - Run 1

I am seriously struggling to complete wk 7 run 1. I have tried slowing down and still not able to run the complete 25 mins. Max I have managed is 21 and I have attempted around 5 times. Do I keep trying or just take it that that is my limit.

Also...question about heart rates. Im 33 and mine can be 170-175BPM. My max heart rate should be 187, but i find when I check my heart rate and see it at 175 I panic and slow back to a walk as I am scared to push it further. Is this something that will improve with time?


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  • That was the one I struggled with. I then used a cross trainer and made myself do 25 minutes straight so knew it was psychological. Then went onto the 28 min runs and managed 1st time. Don't know if that would work for you, but don't get disheartened by it!

  • Me too. I only managed to do it (eventually) on a treadmill, having always run outside otherwise. It's definitely all in the mind. You can and will do it! (Take it steadily, don't rush and tire yourself out). Maybe change your route or playlist. The podcast music for W7 drove me nuts.

  • How did you get on with week 6 run 3?

    That's 25 minutes too.

    It's mostly psychological this running lark.

    My advice would be to ignore your heart rate, start off really slow and stay slow....

    Don't give up.

    Maybe do week 5 run 3 again, which is 20 minutes and if you're feeling ok keep going throughout the warm down walk for a couple of minutes to see how much longer you can do.....

    Good luck, you will get there.

    I'm 55, was overweight, had a bad back and had never run and I got there xx

  • Unless there is a paticular reason why your heart rate shouldnt go above that (drs advice) then dont worry about your heart rate mine often goes up to like 190+ and i have never passed out or anything in my life and dont feel faint when running. Also take it incredibly slow and just keep trying you will and can do it!!!!

  • I would repeat the previous week until you are really comfortable and then try week 7 again. I know a lot of people who have had to do that. Good luck

  • I managed 25 minutes in Week 6 but struggled with Run 1 Week 7. I had to stop and walk after 15 minutes, then ran for the last 5. I was very disappointed and wasn't looking forward to trying again today. I'm pleased to say, the 25 minutes was actually quite easy! Keep trying!

  • Don't get hung up about the maximum heart rate unless you have been told otherwise by your doctor (always listen to them!). So long as your heart rate is slowing again when you stop exercising - your recovery rate. The 25 minutes is all in your head. You can do it. Just tell yourself you will. Forget about distance. It really doesn't matter if you are taking baby steps and all the dog walkers are overtaking you. Just keep lifting one foot after the other. Keep going one step at a time. When you feel you want to stop, lift your head up, smile and swing your arms. Keep going - you will get there. Let us know when.

  • As the others have said, unless advised by your doctor, forget your heart rate - it'll look after itself! At only 33, as long as you're in good general health, I think you'll be fine - that's coming from a 50 something! I'm only a newbie at this running lark and don't profess to be an expert at anything, but I think we can get a bit obsessive about numbers - how fast, how many km, pace, heart rate etc. I say forget all that and just listen to your body (and Laura!) until you're really comfortable with running, then you can worry about upping your performance. After all, whatever we're doing is better than being on that couch! Good luck with your runs - you can do it!

  • if your face is bright red when you run, then you have too much de-oxygenated blood, so therefore you need to breath regularly in rhythm with your feet. As Laura mentions this when you run, each 4th foot contact on the ground try and inhale and hold for four contacts and then exhale. You then become like a swimmer who establishes the breathing pattern inhales and takes four strokes and breathes out. Some people are mouth breathers and some are nose breathers naturally, so try and establish to breath inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. I know this can be difficult at first, but once you establish a natural rhythm, your almost there. The rest will follow. One thing you will know, your recover will be quicker after a run. Good luck with this and also use the advice from others above.

  • I know this post is a bit old, but that's not how I understand it - where did you get that information from? Some people do just get red in the face when they exercise - it's just one of the ways your body cools itself.

  • I found Wk7 the hardest too and stuttered on it - a walk on run 1, a full run on run2, then a walk again on run 3 - that started getting ma a bit dispondent. After taking advice on this forum, I too pushed onto Week8, with the thought that even if I couldn't do 28 mins, I might manage the 25 mins - but I did it!! That seemed to break a mental barrier and there was then no looking back.

    Look forward, don't get too hung up, you can do it, go for it, you are ready.

  • You must have a Heart Rate monitor? At what point does it get high enough that you become alarmed? You say that you try to "slow down" -- are you monitoring your heart rate during the run? It doesn't just leap from a resting rate to a high rate instantaneously (or at least it shouldn't) -- so monitor it a bit more and MAKE yourself slow down when you see it rising , don't let it get to the point where you are alarmed. . The object of this game is to finish 25 minutes of running - no time limit.

  • Slow down and drink plenty of water! You can do it!

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