My first 10k and some other stuff

I haven't posted for a while so I thought I would just give a quick(ish) progress report.

First up, I ran my first 10k this morning. Since graduating 4 weeks ago (it seems waaaay longer than that), I have been doing one longer run per week just gradually building up distance. This culminated this morning with a 10.5k run. All of these runs have been at a gentle pace which I am really enjoying. As such my 10k PB as of this morning is a none too stellar 1:11:48. I have to say that I have no great desire to do a 'fast' 10k at this point but I have a 10k race booked in London for 9th August so I will have to do one before then.

Next week I will start my training program for my Half Marathon which is on 4th October. I have just put the finishing touches to this and it is based on a MyAsics regimen but a few extra runs added and another few changed to add some variety. I have a target for the HM of 2:10 which I think is doable, hard but doable.

Prior to that though is my second Parkrun on Saturday. As much as I am enjoying running slowly, I have to say I am really looking forward to a full-tilt effort and hope (dare I say, expect) to take a sizeable chunk off my (29:31) 5k PB.

That's about all from me, still hard to believe I would have been able to type any of the above just 3 months ago!

My run from this morning on Garmin Connect


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  • Hey Mr D !

    Well done on your first 10 k , Oh you will never forget this one , it will be etched in your memory forever :-)

    I will go on Garmin Connect in a bit for a mooch round and see whats what :-)

    You are doing so well , what a brilliant testament to this programme . Who would've thought that when we set off on those first tentative steps on the first run on the first week , we would end up doing 10ks and entering HM's and all sorts - Brilliant !

    Well done Mr D , take the rest of the day off :-) xxx

  • Thanks Pops.

    I would love to take the rest of the day off but I am going to be reeeaallly busy over the next couple of days. I might give myself a little food based treat later to compensate.

  • Oh yes a little food based treat sounds ideal .

    You owe it to yourself , you know it makes sense :-D xxx

  • Congratulations with hitting the 10k milestone, that's very fast progress in only 4 weeks after graduating.

    It's probably good that you've been focusing on distance without trying at the same time to increase speed so an extra well done for NOT having injured yourself trying to make it a fast 10k. And just for the record, 1:11:48 is not to be sniffed at. Not at all!

    I look forward to hear how you're getting on with the HM training. 2:10 sounds ambitious, so it will be nice to follow your journey :)

  • Thanks Thomas. Yes, I spent a couple of weeks on the IC early in the c25k program and since then, avoiding injury has been my primary concern.

    My HM plan has good number of 10.5k runs but they will be at a similar pace to today until mid-late July when, all going well, I will try a quick one.

  • 2:10 sounds very ambitious, but good luck shooting for it! My HM is in October too, and I'll start training for that the week after next, after the Run Jericho 10k. That's a perfectly decent time for a first 10k, I think. It's such uncharted territory for a runner the first time, and you can't help but have a nagging doubt in the back of your mind about keeping running that far. Well done, mate!

  • Steve, is your HM the Oxford Half by any chance?

    Found myself contemplating entering that yesterday.

  • Yep!

  • Yes it's definitely ambitious but I feel I still have a lot of improvement in me. MyAsics gives me a projected time of 2:15 at the moment so it doesn't seem outlandish.

    We'll see how the, tough, middle part of the training goes. By then I should have a good idea of what my capabilities are going into the "Race Simulations". If I have to go a bit slower then I will do that rather than run myself into the ground.

  • Well done. That's not exactly slow- I'd be very happy with that when i get to 10k.

  • Thanks. Slow and fast are relative terms, I guess. Today, I set out at the same comfortable pace that my longer runs have been at and just stuck to it. At the end, I still felt fairly fresh. I could have gone a good bit faster but am nonetheless delighted to have passed this milestone.

  • Morning Dunder

    2:11 will be hard. If you like long, slow runs you will find that pace hard. You don't want to risk injury. You want to finish strong so don't push too hard. You are a new runner after all. I know we all want PB's and to improve our times every time we turn out to run but we have to temper that with looking after ourselves

    Developing our fitness and strengthening comes first. Take care Dunder x

  • Thanks missw. It will be hard and down the line I will lower my sights a bit if it feels like it is going to be too much.

    As you know, the MyAsics plans blend shorter faster/tempo runs with longer slow runs towards the half way point of the training program. At that point, I think I will have a good idea whether that target time is a bit too ambitious. If it is, I will certainly adjust it.

  • yay Dunder, your 1st 10k, thats fantastic! :) you sound very focused and determined, so i've no doubt you will achieve all you set your mind to! brilliant. don't have much training advice i'm afraid as i'm still somewhat novice at training plans! :X

  • Thanks Ali.

    Focused? Yes. Determined? I guess so - but first and foremost I want to enjoy the experience.

  • Well done for the 10 K - You've been very diligent since graduating and it's paid off. Good luck for the half marathon training - don't push yourself too hard though because I'd be sad to see you on the couch after getting so far (in all senses of the word).

  • Thank you Mfam.

    I am sure I will be fine - my biggest concern is probably the weather. Early morning runs are not always possible for me and I might need to invest in a head torch.

  • Oh, my. You'll be scaring all the locals - bright lights and heavy breathing in the dark, that'll make a real buzz!

  • Well they should already be used to the heavy breathing.

    .................... that doesn't sound right, does it? ;)

  • Ha ha , just a normal day in the life of Mr D :-D xxx

  • Well done Dunder, you are really progressing nicely. Take care not to push to hard and get injured.

    Poppypug is right, you will not forget your first 10km run. I think your time is very good indeed for a first 10km run. It's none too shabby even if it wasnt your first.

    Happy Running Dunder :)

  • Merci Zev.

  • well done Dunder :D excellent work there !!

  • Cheers Rob. Hope things are still progressing with the knees.

  • On the road back thanks started at week4 from last week.

    Taking it slowly but feeling stronger and better than I have for a while .

  • Good to hear.

  • Brill, well done Dunder2004 you are doing fab. I have done 5 miles (8.04k) so far am am doing half marathon in sept - building up slowly my park run PB is nowhere near im 38mins which keeps improving .. it is amazing and I love this feeling of being a proper runner lol

  • Thanks and good for you, Dawn.

  • Congratulations Dunder your first 10k is something to be very proud about. Think you're very wise to build up your distance with gentle runs, as you say, there's always Parkrun for speed. Very well done :)

  • Thanks AM. How is the ankle coming along?

  • Congratulations! Don't worry about the time.... If you can do a sub 30 minute 5k, your 10k time will come down, I'm sure, it's just practice and confidence. My first 10k was 1h17 and I'm under an hour now! Nothing special got me there, just repetition and some competition in the form of a few races and it just happened!

    Great stuff, well done!

  • Cheers Rob.

    Oh I am not worried about it. Today was always intended to be a gentle pace and as mentioned I am in no hurry to see how fast I could go over 10k.

  • Wow! Fantastic progress Dunder, in such a short time too. Good luck with your HM training.

  • Thanks Sandra. Are you anywhere near getting off the IC yet?

  • Seems like only yesterday you graduated! Great news on the 10k, in fact your time is really good, I got 1hr 11 mins when I did my first 10k race and that was race pace! Happy running!

  • Thanks LF. To me it feels like months since I graduated!

  • Calf feels almost back to normal but still a bit weak. However, am feeling quite optimistic and have booked an appointment with a Physio on Friday who I hope will give me some tips on when and how to get back out there! Still desperate to run again, but know that it is worth taking my time with a muscle tear and recovering properly to minimise risk of a repeat. I tell myself that my graduation will feel all the sweeter because of it! Thank you for asking.๐Ÿ˜€

  • That sounds really positive. Fingers crossed for good news from the physio.

  • Many congratulations Dunder. The first 10K is really special and it's a milestone for any runner so you must be chuffed. My time was similar to yours for my first so all I can say is it's a great time!

    Good luck for the HM training. Just make sure you use the foam roller regularly!

  • Thanks IP. I have never used a foam roller but will get one if any muscles feel overly tight/knotted.

  • Running in the dark and bad weather is fine. You get used to it. Ice and snow is a tad trickier but even that's do-able. Not recommended though

    Petzl headtorches look the biz!

    Myasics will tweak your plan if needs be Dunder. If you're logging your run times in to the plan they will pick up very quickly if you're under or over-performing and tweak accordingly

  • Wow Dunder, great work there. I've also got a 10k race at the start of August, and I've been trying slowly to avoid injury. But get you with the half marathon already booked in October, that's amazing, I must have a think about one as well!! Long runs at a nice pace are just the bees knees!๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Thanks Sparky.

    I actually booked the HM during week 1 of c25k!

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