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week 5 run 3

I was approaching this run with mixed feelings. On one hand, yay, running non stop without breaks will feel more satisfying. On the other...Oh. My. God. 20 minutes without a little walk? I will die. But, I have to say this was actually, dare I say it, one of the easiest runs I have done! Whether it's because I had it in my head it was going to be a killer and so expected worse than it was, or whether it was because I did make sure to go really slow and steady (making it through the 20 minutes was more important than going fast or whatever for me today, without a doubt!) or whether it's just because this program knows what it's doing, or maybe even all 3....I don't know. But I do know that this was quite nice run, I felt a rush during and after it, and I wasn't even out of breath. Which is funny, because on r2 of this week I was ready for a break at 8 minutes. Oh well, onwards and upwards, this was a good run :D

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Congratulations, you sound just like me last week! i found it ok too and not as bad as expected, i'm not feeling so confident this week, have found the runs on w6 hard going but am going for the 25 mins tomorrow! i def think slow and steady is the way to conquer the longer runs. Onwards and upwards, we are heading nearer to the graduate badge!


slow and steady for sure. Even on the shorter ones I have caught myself out trying to be clever and going too fast!!! Can't wait for the graduate badge :D


Big congratulations :) I was the same as you when I did this run, it was such a lovely surprise when I completed it. Well done.


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