Scared of Week 5 run 3 :(

Hi I am doing Wk5 run3 tonight after work. To be honest, I'm scared! I struggled with run 2, just about managed the 8 minutes. I'm not sure whether to pause Laura at half way and give myself a 90 second walk and carry on, or whether to just keep going as long as I can, but no way can I see that being 20 minutes. It's such a big jump, I'm scared I will fail horribly and then lose confidence. Maybe I should do run 2 a few more times?


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11 Replies

  • You don't need to be scared (but I know I was, as were many others), you have options: repeat run 2, but you may never feel properly ready; develop a strategy for run 3 (mine was to let myself slow down so much in the middle I was all but walking, if I needed to); just trust the program and go for it - you might be surprised what you can do and if it doesn't work out it's feedback, not failure, alternatively, go for run 2 but keep running through the walking bit and stop at the minute to go warning (that'll be 20 minutes). Loads of people have repeated runs / weeks. Whatever you do it should be challenging but not torture! Good luck and have fun.

  • Hi we don't use the f word here you have run for 5 minutes so break it up into segments of 4 blocks if it feels that daunting but if you don't succeed you can repeat the run there is no harm in that but go out there tonight with the attitude that you can do this and remember we have all been there and will be your virtual running companions while you are running

  • No, don't worry about it! It's not that bad! Don't alter the run, just do it and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about! trust in the programme which has gradually built up for you to be able to do the runs as they come up.. remember just take it slow & steady..😊

  • Hi there - go out thinking you can do it and you'll be amazed :-) It scared me too but we all do it and if you don't do it the first time you'll do it the second - good luck

  • Yes, I remember feeling a little anxious about this one first time but you've done all the runs so far so you're ready for this! Remember, a lot of this is a mental challenge rather than a physical one. All the best - let us know how you go :-)

  • Hi von99 . I'd suggest you run, Wait for Laura to tell you 10 mins gone, then you will be on countdown and will really want to do it. Slow down if you need to, and slower still. You can do this😃👍🏼

  • I will be running with you, my w5r3 is due in few hours. 😀

  • Hi, Von99 . I have just completed week 5 and was petrified of run 3 to the extent that before doing it just thinking about it made me feel sick. But I plunged in, and have now done it twice and am ready for week 6.

    So I would say, just go for it. Just start when Laura says to, take it really slow, and don't think about the time. Focus on the music, or the scenery, move slow as my metaphorical friend, the arthritic snail, but just keep moving. You have been building up to this and you can do it. :)

  • I felt exactly the same! I thought there was no way I could do the 20 min run but my husband told me not to be negative or I definitely wouldnt manage it. So I tried to be positive, surprised myself, did it and it was actually ok. Although I must have been the slowest person ever! I was so pleased with myself that I signed up for Parkrun in anticipation that I might actually be able to run 5k one day. Just pace yourself and think positive.

  • Thank you all so much for your support. I came home from work feeling tired and lacking in confidence and motivation but after reading your messages and being encouraged by my husband I decided to give it a go. The first 5 mins were the worst. Then suddenly Laura said you're halfwY and I realised I can do this! And I have! Feeling incredibly proud. Thank you. 😊

  • Absolutely brilliant! Well done Von99🎖

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